Contrast does not necessarily mean Highlight and Shadow only, there are at least three types of contrast in the world of photography, the first is texture contrast and also there is color contrast. Over-contrast photos are of course not pleasing to the eye, as well as poses. Pose, Hijab Color and Hijab Order. For example Photos below.
    Note the hijab concept that is worn is very much in accordance with the background behind the model in the photo. Although it looks simple, the name of the Hijab friend has a modern accent in accordance with the tea building behind the model. Pink and Black and the selection of three soft colors make the Contrast pleasing to the eye.

    In the world of Indoor modeling that uses Adjustable Artificial Lighting, Backlight problems can be arranged on the sidelines of shots when light is considered disturbing, but in outdoor photography, Backlight can be a problem, especially if the problem is the sun, because no one can regulate sunlight even avatar though.
    This photo was taken in the late afternoon when the light was in the golden time. The sun behind the model looks very idle because it makes the Modle invisible and there is a considerable contrast between the model’s face and the body due to disturbing sun conditions.
    The second photo was taken from the same situation, which this afternoon was only using an artificial lighting so that the shutter speed could be adjusted faster so that the light from the sun could be reduced. Other things that can be taken from this photo in the post-processing process are strengthened, so that the photo gets sweeter.

    It is undeniable, Gesture is the main point of every model photo, regardless of friend, want a sexy theme, casual, casual, up to hijab model photography. Gesture will provide fill in your photos or even make everything lose aka photos become more flat and seem monotonous.
    The key to making the hijab model and the usual model in the art of modeling photography is the appropriate gesture. Avoid gestures that highlight body curves and sensuality because they are not so with the hijab concept that covers the genitals.

    The contrasting wardrobe with the concept and theme of photography is definitely not really good. This does not need to be explained further. As with other modeling photography, the wardrobe should be related to the concept and setting around the photo.
    Like the hijab photo above, it doesn’t seem fancy but it is pleasant to the eye. Maybe the thing that strengthens the mood of the photo is the color of the wardrobe that wears Blue. The background of the lake is not like the sea which is blue, but in the human brain has provided a very close relationship between blue and water. Even if this is on the lake, of course it is still pleasing to the eye.

    Hijab is a women’s clothing that is worn to cover the area of ​​the head. Well, from here, there will usually be a hijab area above the forehead which if it is famous for lighting both artificial lighting and available light will form a shadow in the area of ​​the eye that is very disturbing Now this must be overcome by giving light from below to reduce the shadow. For those of you who lack lighting or are afraid that the lighting toward the face is too hard, this can be overcome by using a reflector. Another tip is to use a plain hijab color so the contrast isn’t too big.

    A simple theme from the Hijab will help you overcome the Shadow as mentioned in point five. A simple Hijab theme of course will give a lighter shadow compared to a hijab stacked. Remember not everything that is beautiful in the eyes will look beautiful on the camera. There are two tips, namely giving an accent to the hijab so that it doesn’t look flat.
    So what if I want to take pictures of hijab turban with more purpose for example challenged to violate the tips of this number or with the aim of commercial photography. As explained in the beginning of this article, this article aims to be a beginner photographer, while those who want to go to intermediate, this problem can be solved using the artificial lighting settings that are qualified with two or more lights.

    In Indoor photography, the selection of Hijab can be a success or not the photo gives mood to the photo or instead it could be a photo that appears to be flat. Why is that? Well, of course, because in hijab photography Indoor light becomes temeram and colorful studio background selects minimal effects on the model.
    Unlike the Hijab Outdoor Shooting, which is full of color from the background, it gives an impression on your photos. The most common color that emerges from the Outdoor hijab is green so the key can strengthen the photo or take the color that hit the color so that more contrast.

    Indeed, it has become part of the profession of a model who has to master all types of wardrobe including headscarves, but it’s good for Photo Hunting. The Hijab model is a woman whose daily life has been wearing a Hijab. The goal is none other than because they already understand correctly what kind of headscarves are used, and which are in accordance with the rules for example. The task of the photographer will be lighter, which only directs the style and posing of the model. It’s just that it must stay out of the mains stream, if the exposed model photography is the body curves of the model, while from Hijab it is almost similar to Photography Fashion which is highlighted is the hijab.


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