hunting model pose and hijab model pose

••Pose Hunting Model••
Sitting a pose is a very nice and beautiful pose to look at. Remember, when you do this, your knees must touch each other. And don’t forget to shoot a little from above. The inspiration for you to try is with your hands slightly open and then lying on the ground or floor. Take a photo of this pose by going down to the ground (down).
Another difference for the pose model is lying / lying on the ground. The hands will definitely touch the ground. So, it would be great if you fired a pose like that in the open or outdoors, like lying on the grass or in a field full of wildflowers.
One of the basic poses that is easy to do but looks amazing is lying down. Go down and take this pose almost from the ground. Then move gradually in your model area during the photo shoot. Also, ask your model to change the position of the head and hands. Because things that are considered simple can be extraordinary if used correctly.
It’s another easy pose but includes beautiful poses for all types of female bodies that lie upside down. Try to position your hands and feet in different ways. And remember to focus on your model’s eyes.
One example of a beautiful and easy pose for a female model is sitting on the ground. Another simple and very friendly pose to sit on the ground is to try various directions and angles. A beautiful way to show the beauty of your model’s body is to display a silhouette photo pose with a bright background.
Simple and relaxed pose or just a fad. Many variations that you might be able to do. For example, ask your model to rotate the body, and experiment with the position of the right hand and be accompanied by rotating the head so that the pose of the hunting model is very cool.
Another pose that is so simple but elegant. This pose is rotated slightly to the side with the hand placed in the pocket. Sloping forward can be a pose or style that is very interesting to try. This is a subtle way to emphasize your model’s upper body shape.
One nice and beautiful sensual pose for your model is to hold your head to show the beauty of your model’s body. The variations in the infinite pose that you might try are poses all over the body. This is only the starting point. Ask your model to change your body slightly, position your hands, head, eye direction, and more.
Casual pose with a model that stands up straight and your back touches the wall is very good to do. Remember the style of taking pictures of your model not only to use the wall to lean your back, but also to put your hands or feet. The overall model pose (all parts of the body) is very important and will certainly look very good if your model has a slim and athletic body. For reference to a simple pose, the body must be curved in the S model, hands must relax while weight is rested on one leg.
In addition to beautiful poses for a slim and athletic body. Many variations that you might try to do to determine your model’s body position are the best. For example, ask your model gradually to move his hand and twist his body continuously. If you see something different or good, tell your model to be quiet and take some photos. Ask your model to repeat it for about one or two turns to create a good picture with a different position.

••Hijab model pose••
Bored with selfies, open pose trends or not looking at a very beloved camera. In fact, not a few fans of open poses pocketed to get maximum results, which of course requires expensive equipment. Not only celebrities or models, this empty euphoria was followed by many ordinary people. Are you too huh? Anyway, because this straightforward pose has become a trend and many people need it, Hipwee Tips will provide some special tricks on how to pose candidly. Especially for you crazy girls who are ‘crazy’ honest, let’s dock!
You can look elegant and contemporary with open poses that make use of this breeze. Do this pose on the edge of the lake or the beach! By utilizing the wind, this bright, elegant pose will make you look more polite and mature. You also need to adjust the angle for maximum results. Try this candid pose on the edge of a lake or beach that has fresh natural scenery around it.
Although honest, maximizing cheerful expressions is mandatory. Look, this is the result! Prospective poses are not completely identical with expressions of sadness or depression. It’s old! Now is the time for you to turn to a cheerful expression that shows your true self as a real young man. No need to overdo it, just laughing wide with a slightly tilted position is enough, really.
Make sure your statement is anti-mainstream with a long shot. At present, but it is very elegant! a-take the angle from the hardness By taking a distant angle in a clear order, you will look much more elegant. But, that does not mean you are free to determine the style, but by standing tall and straight eyes. Also add dramatic effects with additional blurry flowers.
Like candid photos with a closer distance? Try close-up shooting techniques! Close-up images are usually used by those who like to bring the camera closer. Besides showing a more perfect face shape, this straightforward pose also makes you more authoritative. Now, to be more perfect, you can complete your candid photo with the shape of the hijab model that is as simple and neat as possible.
Still with close-up techniques, this straightforward pose requires you to cover half of your face to make it look mysterious. Who will deny that this one is very good. In addition to displaying the stylish side in you, this kind of straightforward pose is also far from being tacky and mainstream. Here, you are advised to prepare additional properties in the form of hats or glasses, leaving your photos more perfect.
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Candy posing on the elevator happens to be at a mall or places that have elevators, take advantage of this moment to take a clear pose! Take your photo using a low angle shooting technique so that your posture looks taller and lighter. Feel free to explore all parts of your body for maximum results!
Or, you can also try high-angle techniques on escalators or other high-rise OOTD (everyday clothes) places with high angle candid high angle technique via The high-angle technique that takes pictures from this height is always strong to produce poses -pose candid that is cool and plenary. Just like low-angle techniques, high-angle techniques are also able to produce effects and a more ideal level of posture.
If you are lazy to use a variety of techniques, taking photos from the same direction is no less good than the parallel technique of parallel angular techniques through This parallel technique is also still a lot of love with honest fans, including photographers. The reason is only two; easier and the object looks more real.
A celebrity look on the zebra cross highway. Hipwee Tips call it candid OOTD path.


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