Introduction of Photography

An Introduction about Photography

Photography (from English: photography, which comes from the Greek word “photo”: Light and “Graph”: Cat / write) is the process of painting / writing using light media. As a general term, photography means a process or method for generating images or photographs of objects by recording the reflection of light present on a light-sensitive medium. The most popular tool for capturing this light is the camera. Without light, no photo can be made.

The principle of photography is to focus light with the aid of refraction so that it can burn the light catcher media. Medium that has been burned with the right light radiant will produce an image that is identical to the light entering the medium of refraction (hereinafter referred to as the lens).

To produce the right light intensity to produce the image, used measuring instrument in the form of light measuring instrument. After getting the correct lighting size, the photographer can adjust the light intensity by changing the combination of ISO / ASA (ISO Speed), diaphragm (Aperture), and speed (speed). The combination of ISO, Diaphragm & Speed is referred to as exposure.

In the era of digital photography where movies were not used, the film speed that was originally used developed into Digital ISO.

Photography has now developed into a lifestyle, starting from the emergence of the digital age and the development of social media.


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