Advantages and Disadvantages of Analog Tv and Digital Tv

Advantages and Disadvantages of Analog Tv and Digital Tv

 Digital Tv:

The advantages of Digital TV have better visual and audio quality than analog TVs. In addition, the most important aspect of the regulation, there will be a network operator permission and service providers so that it can accommodate many new companies that will move in the field of digital television. Thus it can be avoided the monopoly of the implementation of digital television in Indonesia.
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) or international telecommunication authority provides conversion policy to digital broadcasting to all countries in the world so that no later than June 17, 2015. Based on this policy the analog TV or regular TV that we watch everyday will be unusable so people want to change to a TV that can capture digital broadcasts.

Analog Tv ::

The first time there was a television, the model of the television still uses analog TV concept, the image quality obtained is still very ugly, there are still many disorders, especially in image noise. Analog TVs still use CRTs that do not sparing place and do not also save power. Because of the many weaknesses, then created a next generation TV whose purpose is to minimize these deficiencies.
Now the TV broadcast that is being started is Digital TV (DTV). DTV is a signal transmission that uses code 01. On broadcasting on air, DTV is emitted using Ultra High Frequency (UHF) with radio spectrum starting at 6 MHz. The picture quality is very clear even in a small TV. DTV Resolution reaches 704 pixels so that the image remains clear despite appearing on the big screen. For video, due to high resolution support, then the view of the image per frame will not produce a flicker. Unlike analogue TVs that when used for video and are imposed on a large screen, the images will become blurry and disjointed. DTV also supports HDTV broadcasts.


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