Basic Tips for Fashion Photography

••Research and Planning••
Before taking a photo shoot, do a little research. Look at famous fashion photography to get ideas.
Getting inspiration from other photographers will help you find your own style.
After doing research, start making plans. Make sure you want to take pictures inside or outside the room.
Compile a complete concept for shooting. This is one of the most important fashion photography tips, because what tells a story is one of the best.
Prepare everything well. Make sure that you are ready and have planned and researched well. This will help you get the best picture.

••Get the right lighting••
Whether you plan fashion photography outside or indoors, you need to set the right lighting.
If you plan to take pictures indoors, make sure that you have a studio that is properly set up and has the right lighting.
If you shoot outdoors, you must arrange to do it when you get the best light. Namely taking pictures after sunrise and before sunset.

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••At the time of shooting••
After planning carefully. Now you have to get the right thing when shooting.
1. Get to know the model. Talk to them when they are dressing up or resting to try to make a relationship. Having a good relationship with the subject will make the shooting session better. Both you and the model will feel more comfortable.
2. Give direction. Don’t be afraid to give direction. This is your photo shoot and has a story to show. You have to communicate it to the people in the picture. Be assured of your views for images without being too bossy or rude.
During fashion photography, you definitely take lots of pictures.
Make sure you have batteries and extra memory especially when shooting outdoors.
It’s important to prepare everything well.


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