5 Tips for Fashion Photography for Beginners

Develop concepts
1. Umber Source: Pexels.
Fashion photography is not just a matter of photographing a model who poses randomly.
You must make a concept or theme before starting it. Create a creative and unique photo concept.
Developing a concept does require sufficient time.
You need to gather with people related to photography such as style directors, make up artists, to the model itself.
The concept must be executed properly so it’s a good idea to think about how to execute it when developing the concept itself.
2. Experiment with camera angles
You need to understand here that there is no such thing as the best angle for shooting.
Whether the angle matches or not all depends on the photo context.
Fashion photographers usually use low viewpoints with low angles, low viewpoints with upward angles, eye level shots and others.
They usually explore angles by moving closer, down, and shooting from angled angles to give a different effect from each photo result.
You need to do this experiment to learn about the importance of angle variations in the fashion photo industry.
Also recognize tips and tricks for doing long exposure photography techniques in this article.
3. Choose the camera and lens correctly
This is also an important thing. After knowing the concept of the photo, now you will determine what camera and lens can realize the concept.
If you want detailed photos with low noise, you can choose to use a full frame DSLR camera plus a prime lens with the range of focus needed.
However, if you are going to do a long enough photo shoot to get the desired photo, choose a DSLR camera with two memory card slots.
Cameras like this are not too expensive and can help you get the desired details.
The following are the general specifications that you need from a camera for a fashion photography session: superior autofocus performance, continuous shooting up to 7 frames per second, a dustproof camera (for outdoor), two memory card slots, shutter speeds between 30 to 1 / 8000 seconds, and 100% viewfinder coverage for taking good photo composition.
Another important photography technique is portrait photography, see the explanation in this article.
4. Lights are very important
When photos in the studio, lighting can reveal the details of the clothes perfectly and simultaneously create an atmosphere at the same time.
Fashion photographers are more likely to prefer to do photo sessions in the studio because they can set their own desired light.
They can use softer light so that more shadows can be spread over the edges of the photo.
Lights can be placed around the model area and do not have to always point directly to the model to get the lighting too loud.
You can also use flash as a lighting tool here.
There are five techniques using flash for better photo results in this article.
5. Model pose
A fashion photographer needs to master various types of poses to make varied photo results.
Understanding the actual pose of the model is not too difficult, but it does require basic understanding.
For example, if the model has a face that tends to be wide, you should ask him to slightly lift his chin up left or right.
Another easy way is to have a brief discussion with the model, asking if he has the mainstay side he usually uses for the photo session.
Don’t be shy about doing this just because you are a beginner because there are also many professional photographers out there doing this.
Those are things that you must understand if you want to go into the world of fashion photography. Interested in trying it?


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