How to Create a Wallpaper Blog for Increase Adsense Earning

How to Create a Wallpaper Blog for Increase Adsense Earning

How to Create a Wallpaper Blog for Increased Earning 

This is my first share in this forum, so if there are errors or deficiencies, please give advice, all of your Ads-ID friends.

little opening: Blog wallpaper lately has a lot of enthusiasts, maybe
because it’s ‘easier’ and doesn’t have to write much.
But, the opportunity is still quite open. That reason also made me try to make several blog wallpapers with blogspot. The result is not so visible, but the traffic is stable and traffic = $$$. : mataduitan: What do I do to create a blog wallpaper with blogspot.

1. Select the main topicChoose a topic that feels interesting, if it can be interesting for your own, so that the happy time is also posted. Don’t use topics that are too broad (many rivals) or too special (search a little). Example:too broad topic: girl bandtoo specific: CherryBelle: lovekiss:fitting: Indonesian girl band2. Keyword researchJust like for ordinary blogs, I also do keyword research. Please use any software or may with Google Adword. Enter the main topic that has been chosen, choose low competition and global search around 5000-10,000. After the derivative keyword appears, select the one that feels the most appropriate and if you can use it as a domain address. Let the term ‘keyword on domain’.

3. See keyword development with Google InsightsOkay, now that the keyword has been found, check with Google Insights to see the ‘efficacy’.Filters that I used to use like this: Image search – Worldwide – all languages ​​- 12 months / 90 days.After the top search appears or the search soars, use it as the post title.

4. 5 images per postWhy a little? so the number of posts is many. Try each post to have the same image theme. Don’t forget to optimize the title and alt. If possible, under each picture give a little information to keep it good in the eyes of search engines. This information is good to use English written by yourself, distress? use google translate. Be careful with downloading from any place, one can go wrong in jail.

5. Remove Google iframesThe goal is that when the image is clicked on Google Images, visitors will immediately ‘fall’ into our blog. How? Just look at this forum, I still remember that someone shared.

6. TemplatesChoose the right template, there are already several masters in this forum who share good blogspot blog template. But,
I recommend iShowcase myself with a few changes such as: removing the
comment box, placing all major labels (categories) next to the blog
title and making related posts in the sidebar.
For home, just give 6-9 posts.

7. ContinuedMy experience, every day just post 5-10 posts with each post containing 5 images for 1 month. Every 15 days research keywords or search for the latest news about the main topics of my blog. After visitors have arrived by themselves, just post every 3 days with 3 posts a day. Register on the blog directory, it’s good with the topic ‘art n design’, but depends on the main topic of your blog later. For SEO, I use the same SEO techniques as regular blogs.

8. Make $$$The advice from me is yes, if the number of visitors is not above 500 / day it’s better not to install GA first. Then, said some masters here the CPC value of the blog wallpaper is small. So, in my opinion the right one for a wallpaper blog is CPM or ad spots. The result? Em … so you don’t think of promotions, the leak looks like this. The blog is under 3 months old, without keywords on domain. Visitors around 200 / day mostly come from Canada, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.

Is there a master who wants to advise? : hmm: 


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