How to Uninstall Many Android Bloatware Applications Congestion At Once

Android smartphone certainly has a lot of bloatware or innate
applications that are deliberately pinned by the smartphone maker.
With so many applications built in Android, of storage memory available will be reduced.The best way to extend the rest of the memory on Android is to remove unused system default applications. In this article, Jalan Tikus will discuss how to remove multiple system default applications on Android.Also Read:

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Easy Way to Uninstall Windows Software Without Time AloneHow to Uninstall Default Applications or BloatwareBefore signing in to remove many Android built-in apps at once, make sure you have your Android root. If not, you can read any of the following articles:

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If not yet, you can search on Google with keyword: “How to Root xxxx”How To Uninstall Many Android Default Applications At OnceIf your Android is already rooted. You can go straight to the steps. Here’s how to uninstall and remove many of the built-in Android bloatware apps at once:

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    Download the System App Remover app and install as usual on your Android.
System App Remover
System App Remover 3.5.1012
Developer Tools by Jumobile
Download Google Play
Download by

    Once installed, open the app. When SuperSU requests root access, click the Grant menu.delete-app-default-android-1

    Select the default Android app you want to delete. You can check the various default applications you want to delete. If you’ve selected the default app you want to delete, click the Uninstall button.delete-app-default-android-2

    When a new pop-up appears, click Yes. Then wait until the process is complete. Erase-app-congenital-android-3This way, you can delete many Android built-in applications at once without having to delete them one by one. Once removed, of course your Android memory will be more relieved than before.


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