Padang to Mentawai Islands

How to Get from Padang to Mentawai Islands



How many hours from Padang to Mentawai Islands?

To get To Mentawai Islands from Padang by boat, from Muaro Port – PADANG CITY.

How to Get from Padang to Mentawai Islands

Depend on where you are. To get to Mentawai Island you must first arrive in the city of Padang.

To reach the city of Padang from International. It can be from Jakarta, Singapore or Malaysia.

Arriving in the city of Padang, those who want to visit the Mentawai Island can use the fast Mentawai Fast boat located / departing from Jalan Batang Arau, Muaro, Padang City, West Sumatra Province (West Sumatra).

Fast boat ticket reservations can only be ordered directly at the Mentawai Fast counter located in Muaro, Padang, West Sumatra.

Every day, these counters are open every day from 09.00 to 18.00 WIB.

“We only accept ticket reservations directly at the counter. We do not provide online bookings.

If the online system is difficult, especially in Mentawai the signal is also difficult there, “the Mentawai Fast employee, Simamora, told

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He added that those who want to buy tickets for the Mentawai Fast ship from Mentawai to Padang can go to the counter located in the Mentawai port.

Mentawai Surf Camp

So far, Simamora continued, the scheduled departure of the Padang fast boat to Mentawai is every day.

Meanwhile, the ship’s departure schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Friday the Mentawai Fast Ship departs from Padang to Tua Pejat, the departure schedule is at 06.00 WIB.

“Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Padang-Sikabaluan-Siberut the departure schedule is 07.00 WIB. Sunday Padang-Sioban-Tua Pejat departs at 07.00 WIB,” Simamora said.

“Every day there is always there, leaving in the morning from Padang later from Mentawai back in the afternoon. Using a fast boat when Padang to Mentawai only takes two hours to arrive,” he said.

It is said, the price of the Mentawai Fast fast boat ticket is Rp. 250 thousand.

“Especially for foreign citizens (foreigners) the price of our boat tickets is different from Indonesian citizens (Indonesian citizens). For foreigners the ticket price of the ship goes up by Rp 50,000 to Rp 300 thousand, (approx USD $ 20)” he said.

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It provides facilities in the Mentawai Fast Ship including television, air conditioning, snacks and mineral water for each passenger.

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