Photography Purpose

Lighting, the purpose is to educate or make the right decisions, such as shooting for documents, making learning media, pictures for learning facilities and photos related to education and teaching and learning.
Information that has a specific purpose. Images on trade and advertising and political propaganda are among the goals of photography. The goal is to look bright and more stimulating. The target is consumers who utilize marketed goods.
Invention. Because cameras in many fields can create a variety of techniques, they can be used as exploration objects in various researches. Like shooting at close range, wide angle, landscape, high speed and so on.
Recording. Shooting makes it possible for the simplest and cheapest tool to serve reality in the form of images. The purpose of the sentence is, shooting is a media that facilitates recording / documenting each of the most valuable moments and retelling in the future.
Entertainment. As a form of appreciation for art. The resulting photo set will create an entertainment for those who look. Every photo on display will cause an interpretation or conflict for everyone who enjoys it.
Personal disclosure. Photos can also function as a place to express their hearts, show creativity and express themselves through an image.


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