Select Canon or Nikon Cameras for Beginners?

Select Canon or Nikon Cameras for Beginners?

Pilih Kamera Canon atau Nikon untuk Pemula?
Select Canon or Nikon Cameras for Beginners. This question is very often asked by novice users, especially for you new and want. Today’s camera manufacturers are quite a lot, like canon, nikon, sony, olympus, and many more. But that is quite popular nowadays that is canon and nikon. Canon and Nikon dominate the camera market, specifically for dslr cameras.
And if you ask better choose canon or nikon, then will answer it just the same, if you use the camera for everyday, hobbies, ordinary ukm business then the same result from canon and nikon, it all depends on comfortable in canon or nikon .

Canon or Nikon camera
Price Accounting
In terms of price issues for canon and nikon just the same. And not too much different price, but surely you still have a big sign and confused should choose canon or nikon?
The canon and nikon features themselves do not really differ much, but for beginner classes more canon is simple, and easy to understand. If the megapixel itself canon higher, but this can not be more ugly nikon. And for nikon have a good enough image quality to avoid noise which if using high iso.
Nikon has a body that appears enough to start it so that when seen or hold it does not feel heavy and big. While the canon itself has a body that looks big or fat. So, it depends on your own comfortable choice which one.
If you understand all the features of the camera, and are comfortable with the camera, will certainly later upgrade a more different lens. Canon itself has a lens that is compatible with all types of canon cameras, while the nikon is slightly different. For its own price, the nikon lens is higher than the canon.
Fix it

If you want to know about the conditions around you this can help you to choose a camera, for example nikon so better choose nikon, with bigitu you will more easily understand the camera with sharing each other.


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