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When i open my iPhone out side range WiFi Connection. There is notification, Unable to Connect to The Internet. 

I Forgot to Pay  my Telkomsel PostPaid bill. 

But When i just Paid my PostPaid Telkomsel. Still no internet Connection.

Here the Reason/answer.

Make sure you have enough credit and have paid your bill

Please reload your credit or pay your bill through:

MyTelkomsel app

MyTelkomsel web

MyGraPARI or any other channel.

Make sure you have FLASH quota

Check your remaining quota through MyTelkomsel app, MyTelkomsel web, or through UMB by dialling *888#. If you have no quota, please activate FLASH package.

Make sure your device APN is configured correctly

Your APN setting should be configured to ‘Internet’ with username and password left blank.

  • Android: Go to Settings > Mobile Network Setting > Access
    Point Names > New APN. Type ‘Internet’ and leave your username and
    password blank.
  • iOS: go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Network to fill your APN settings.

Change your location

If you’re trying to access
the Internet inside a building, try to move to a part of the building
that has a stronger connection. For example, move from basement to open

Contact us

If the problem persists for more than 24 hours, please contact us by:

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