10 photography genres

  1. Wildlife Photography (Wild)
    Wildlife Photography is a genre that documents various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. This is one of the more challenging photography genres. Because besides you have to be brave when you meet predatory animals, special skills are also needed. For example, there are some animals that are difficult to approach and knowledge of the habits of these animals is needed to predict their actions. To view the best collection of wildlife photos please click here.
  2. Landscape Photography (Landscape)
    Landscape Photography shows space in the world namely natural scenery, sometimes broad and endless, but sometimes also microscopic. Landscape photos usually capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made.
  3. Photojournalism / Journalism (Journalistic Photos)
    Genre Photojournalism is a special form of journalists (collecting, editing, and presenting news material for publications or broadcasts) that uses images to tell a story or news.
    Journalistic photos remain different from other photographic genres similar to them, for example documentary, social photography, street photography or celebrity photography. This genre still must adhere to the applicable ethical framework that demands that good work is honest and impartial when telling a story / news. This was highly criticized in journalism. As we all know that journalistic photography is also looking for images to contribute to the news media.
  4. Portrait / Portraiture Photography (Photos of Human Subjects)
    Portrait Photography or also known as Portraiture Photography is a type of genre that exposes someone or several people (generally 1 person) that displays expressions, personality, and moods (sad, happy, angry, etc.). For this genre it is usually more focused on someone’s face, even though the whole body and background or other context can be included. Because the face is the subject that can best describe a person’s mood. To add to your reference about this genre of photography, please see the article: 10 Portrait Photographers with their famous works in the world.
  5. Architectural Photography
    Architectural Photography is a genre that portrays similar buildings and structures as an aesthetic representation. Architectural photographers are usually skilled in the use of special techniques and photographic support equipment.
  6. Macro Photography (Macro)
    Macro Photography (or Photomacrography or Macrography) is a photography genre that focuses on small subjects such as insects or other small animals. Therefore this genre is also called close-up photography which is very extreme. Even a macro photographer can aim at a small insect’s eye like a fly. Whereas how to make macro photos please read here the tips.
  7. Street Photography (Street Photography)
    Street Photography is photography that displays human conditions in public places. Street photography is just a term and does not always have to be on the streets or even in an urban environment. The most important object or environment in which the image projects the clear character of humans in facsimile or aesthetics.
  8. Fine-Art Photography
    Fine-Art Photography is a photography genre created in accordance with the artist’s vision as a photographer. This genre of photography contrasts with representational photography such as Photojournalism (Journalism) which documines a particular subject and event. But literally this genre again presents objective reality not the subjective intent of the photographer.
  9. Still Life Photography
    Still Life Photography is a description of a subject / inanimate object, and usually exposes a group of interconnected objects such as telling something. This genre is different from other types of photography such as landscape or portraiture. Still life can provide a respite for a photographer to arrange design elements in a composition. But for this genre, photographers are required to present “taste” and use of subtle lighting. Please read the article about tips for starting still life photography here.
  10. Fashion Photography
    Fashion Photography is a photography genre that is intended to display clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often done for advertisements or fashion magazines. Over time, this fashion photography has developed its own aesthetics where clothing and fashion are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories.


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