Night photography is a challenging type of photography. Why? Because besides the lack of light available, photographers are also required to maintain the sharpness of an image.
    Therefore, creativity and appropriate settings will be very helpful in producing cool and unique night photos. In general, the pleasure of shooting begins when the sun begins to set.
    Because there are so many life gaps that can be used to take pictures at sunset. To get good photo quality at sunset, set your shutter speed in a slow position and put the tripod in a good position to make your camera not shake in providing long enough lighting.

    Motion blur photography is the art of photographing moving subjects. This technique is often used in the world of sports, but can also be used in creating interesting images in connection with the use of light.
    The effective way to take pictures with this technique is to set your shutter speed in a slow position then hold your camera as long as the subject you are shooting is moving.
    If it is difficult to do it by hand, it is better to use Tripod. By using a Tripod, your hands are free in determining what style you want to take.
    Besides that, Tripod will keep your camera from shaking so it can produce good images with cool motion blur. This will also keep your subject in focus while your background is blurred.

    Ted Grant once said that taking a picture of someone using a colored background is the same as taking pictures of his clothes, but when shooting someone with a black / white background you get a picture of who they really are and how they are.
    I believe this is true. There is something special that we get when we take pictures with a black / white background that we will not get in a colorful setting.
    The black / white photo technique is more than just using a black / white filter in Photoshop.
    This technique starts with a mature composition, the use of shadows, lighting, and a quality subject to create or form a strong image in the photo.
    Be careful when using this technique, because if you don’t, then you will make the results of your photos less interesting.

    Macro photography (the technique of making a photo object look bigger than the original) is unique and useful.
    It is very interesting to make large images of small subjects, and capture small details that are not visible to the human eye.
    The best way to make your macro photography stand out is to find interesting and detailed subjects, such as animals, plants, etc.
    You can complete this technique only with any camera and lens, even if the quality of the images produced will vary or vary depending on the equipment you are using.

    Photography of long exposure (lighting techniques to obscure moving elements / subjects) can be used to obtain interesting results, but this technique is very popular when used in landscape models.
    This technique can provide a good blur of movement from the subject you are photographing, resulting in a smooth and good looking image.

    Light painting photography (the technique of moving a light source made to illuminate a subject) may be the fastest growing technique lately, and for some reason it gives the possibility to make some beautiful art if done correctly.
    In essence, light painting photography is an old technique rather than a long-exposure technique that is utilizing a light source to create a pattern in a photo or illuminating an object at a certain point.
    Every available light source can be used, even though it generally uses light. As with the long-exposure photography method, a tripod must be used.
    Set your camera with sufficiently long lighting (30 seconds or more) or use the timer function to maximize shooting with a tripod.
    Night time is a good time to use this technique because the thing you need to do this technique is a dark room, slow shutter speed, and flashlight.
    Try to use a variety of light sources, locations, objects, and colors. Anything that can change the color of the lamp, the speed of movement, or the length of time in painting / drawing can have a tremendous impact on the final result. Good luck and be a creative photographer.

    Silhouette photography (photo techniques using images of people, animals, objects or places of occurrence represented by one color that is usually black) is a unique and fun technique for creating dramatic photos.
    The best time to do this technique is at sunrise or sunset. To create a silhouette effect, place your subject in front of the sun, and then take the picture towards the sun.
    A fast shutter speed will produce dark lighting, and a slow shutter speed will create a bright image.

    Zoom blur effect photography (the technique of adding a display of motion into photos) is one simple way to add some creative displays such as ‘fractured-blur’ in each of your photos.
    To be adept at using this technique, set your shutter speed in a slow position and try to make a zoom in or out of your image when you want to take a picture.

    The lens flare effect photography (a technique that refers to the utilization of the amount of light scattered at the shooting location) can have an unpleasant impact if done without careful planning.
    But if it is well planned it will produce a good picture. Learning to manipulate big light is a great way to add a little of your talent in making interesting photos.
    You can get this effect by photographing the sun and then taking different angles to each other to manipulate the light so that it creates a sufficient amount of light (explosion) around your subject.

    Kinetic photography is also known as “camera toss photography” which is the art of photographing images by throwing your camera up and catching it again.
    This technique is a bit risky compared to other photography techniques, but this technique can produce some amazing photos.
    One of the great things about how to master different photography techniques is to find new ways and incorporate them in the composition of your photos.
    Learning and using this technique can turn ordinary opportunities into creative and truly prominent images. If you have never tried this technique, then try and see the results.

    Beauty photography is the same as portrait photography because it displays the natural beauty of a model through the talent he has.
    The best beauty photography comes with the right combination of trust, light, and the ability of imagination between both the model and the photographer.
    Therefore, it is very important to have a good relationship with your model so that you can work together to produce cool and amazing photos.

    Photography HDR (high dynamic range) is a shooting technique by taking three (3) different image subjects and combining them together to display a stunning picture in your photo.
    When you use this technique, the best way you can use it is to use the shooting settings automatically, and make sure to set your tripod in a good position so that your camera can function properly.

    Shooting while it’s not easy, but once you master the technique, you will be amazed to see various kinds of reflections, blurs (blurred backgrounds), colorful rainbows after the rain, the formation of unique clouds, and so forth.
    Rain cannot be predicted, just like rain photography. There are times when you end up getting amazing images and sometimes not.

    Soft focus photography is produced through using a special photo lens to create a soft appearance with a background that is slightly blurry to maintain a sharp image angle.
    This technique is often described as “dreamy style” which is widely used in the world of fashion and wedding photos. This technique works well in sufficient amounts of light in front of a colored background.



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