10 Style Inspirations for More Slang and Present Photos

  1. Pretend to chat and laugh with each other, with poses not looking at the camera.
    I don’t know what that means, maybe because you want to look candid but still look cool as a gang, it is clear that this pose must have at least 10 on your smartphone.

  2. Possibly candid pose (hold hair, cellphone toy, whatever ….)
    Well, if you were busy, there are also candid photos when you’re alone. Hmm … if you think about this photo, it is really useful for people who are not PD to show their faces, hahahaha!

  3. Like the top model that is on the runway.
    The way this photo is easy, just pretend to be walking while holding a bag strap or looking to the side. Don’t forget … take a photo from below a little so that your legs look more level.

  4. After taking a selfie photo that holds your cellphone … so all of his head is big! To be fair, hehehe.
    Who tried to be a victim and hold the cellphone in front of us-fie? It’s definitely not there, anyway! Even if there is one, that person really is too good. Be rotating to hold the cellphone in front, so that each has a photo with their big heads.

  5. Look for vintage-style Tumblr or Instagram walls so that photos look cooler and “hit”.
    Who would have thought, the background turned out to be very influential for your photos, you know! If the background contrasts with the color of the clothes you are using, then the photo will look more prominent. Try to align with the background so that your photos look more memorable.

  6. Selfie from above using GoPro, so that it looks more convex curved, how’s that?

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    Either you want to show off your selfie or GoPro, which is clearly those who take pictures with GoPro must be seen holding a stick and a cellphone. #one’s really focused!

  7. (Tell him …) coffee lovers, while holding a cup of coffee then looking to the side.
    In order to look cool, there are any cups in front of them, they will immediately be held and posed like coffee. Not necessarily, you know, he likes coffee!

  8. Try to pose like a model in a magazine.
    Just lift your legs a little, look sideways, voila! You can already produce a photo like a top model as long as your camera is adequate and the person who took the photo chose the right angle. If you don’t have the style photos like this, it means you are less sociable and less fashionable, ah!

  9. ••Girls••
    Photos always cross legs like a model. 
    firm photos so that they look dashing.
    Girls always want to look slimmer when in photos, it’s no wonder that many of them cross their legs. While the boys must have opened their legs a little while putting their hands on their waist, or folding both of them on the chest, to make it look more handsome. If there’s no photo at all … OH GOD, where have you been? Pluto maybe?

  10. Teletubbies … hug !!
    There is a bitter reality behind this photo: the intention is to cover the fat in hand! Hahahaha …. but to make it look more funny and show how familiar you are, then this teletubbies pose is formed.
    So, what current photos do you have on your smartphone? If you don’t have one, immediately make it! Don’t forget to share it with IDNtimes, so we know how current you are!


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