13 Preparation Before Signing Up Google Adsense

Hello buddy, this time I will discuss about the preparation that must be done before registering on Google Adsense.
For bloggers perhaps the main purpose is to create articles that have value
and useful for all who read it, but behind it the bloggers are also
very eager to make money from blogs by registering their blog on Google
Adsense for getting money from the internet is a shadow of all all Blogger,
Google Adsense itself is very promising to be the income of bloggers.
However, often many bloggers are rejected when registering the Google program that is Google Adsense,
It may be because your blog has not met the requirements provided by Google and you have not enough preparation.
Then, what preparations should be done by the bloggers before registering google adsense?

Check out the following reviews:

1. Quality articles have value and benefits

Quality and useful articles is one of the things that is loved by
google adsense because if your article has the value and benefits
automatically your daily visitors will also be a lot and will linger
long in your blog.

In addition, short article articles that are less than 300 words, also
will not be much help to be accepted by Google Adsense.Bukannya not be
able to make a short article but if some of your articles less than 300
words, it is likely to be rejected by Google Adsense.
So, you should create an article using approximately 500-600 words.

2. Article must be original without any copy paste

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Your article must be original without any copy paste (Copas), any clever you hide in the Google Adsense will know.

If you want to be accepted when registering Google Adsense, you should escape from copyscape.

If from all your articles do not escape from copyscape then do not expect your blog will be accepted by Google Adsense.

Original content is a favorite of Google Adsense.

So, before registering Google Adsense you should pay attention to your article, make sure there is no content copy and paste results.

3. Type of article

Make sure your article does not violate the Google Adsense policy. Topics that pornography, hacking / cracking, illegal drugs, and download
pirated applications and the like are strictly prohibited by Google Adsense and violate the Google Adsense policy, will not be accepted Google Adsense.

So before you sign up for Google Adsense you must read the policy first, if it is feasible according to you please register Google Adsense.

4. Traffic blog

Before signing up for Google Adsense, first see your blog traffic is already promising or not. This may be unimportant, but if your blog traffic is quiet for what? Traffic is very influential on your income. So, keep the traffic stable at least 100 visitors every day.

5. Age of Website or Blog

Age is also one that should be noticed there is no certainty about this
because there is a 2-year-old but not received and there is a new
3-month-old has been received.
So, you should register your website or blog when the blog is mature and ideal age is at least 6 months.

6. Have a blog page navigation

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Making blog navigation is also not less important.In this case is
Google Adsense gives insight and policy so this is not necessarily
engineering from among the bloggers, the navigation requested by Google
Adsense, among others:
1. About MeAbout Me is a page that describes you personally that others can know so that the person can recognize you.2. SitemapA sitemap is a link listing page or a list of posts you should or should make.3. Contact UsContact Us is a page that contains about your Contacts like mobile
phone number, fuel pin, facebook, twitter, instagram and others.
4. Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy is a page that explains about the privacy of your blog.There are 4 pages you should make before signing up for Google Adsense.

7. Read and understand Google Adsense policies

Many are lazy and do not read Google Adsense policy so that failed when during the first review he escaped but when the second review failed. This is because many do not read Google Adsense policies. Usually what happens is:

  1. An error occurred in the webmaster
  2. Do not install google analytic script
  3. During the review period they edit the template

8. Blog design

Blog design is the second most important thing after your content. Design shows your expertise, experience and professionalism.

Therefore, be careful with the blog design, preferably your blog design should be simple, clean and prioritize ease of navigation is much preferred by the Google Adsense team.

9. Use templates that are seo friendly and responsive

Templates must be responsive as they will create ease for readers using android smartphones or the like. Therefore, to be easily accepted by Google Adsense you must use a responsive blog template.

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10. Top level domain (TLD)

Except blogspot.com (which is indeed a google select). There is no acceptable chance of Adsense, if you use sub-domains, such as WordPress.com and others.

11. Another ad

Although Google Adsense allows you to install other ads from other
network ads, but you should remove other ads first when registering into
Google Adsense publisher.

12. Install the popular post widget, and related post

By installing these widgets will be a lot of visitors who linger long
in your blog and it is in love by Google Adsense Because Google Adsense
really like blogs that prioritize the ease of accessing the blog.

13. Number of articles

There is no certainty about this because I think the number of articles in
the count of the number of articles that have value and useful for those
who read it.
are new to have 30 articles but can be accepted by Google Adsense and
there are also more than 100 articles but not accepted by Google
However, for some blog experts the number of articles on try at least 50-60 for easier to receive by Google Adsense.

That is 13 Preparation Before Signing Up Google Adsense.

How? Whether your blog is feasible to receive adsense? If not accepted Google Adsense.

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Thank you for reading this article, hopefully useful.
If it pleases please leave a trail.


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