18 Tips for Photographing with a Mobile Phone to Make Your Photos as Cool as an Expensive Camera

  1. Understand that light is the main thing
    The term photography means painting with light. Make sure the conditions you take have enough lighting.
    This is number 1 because of the limitations of cellphone camera sensors that are smaller than DSLRs, especially the APSC, especially the full frame.
    Because of its small size, the ability to capture light is also smaller.
    Therefore we have to outsmart it by shooting in a fairly bright environment.

  2. Choose an interesting photo object
    Even though you are very good at taking pictures, mastering a variety of photography techniques that are flat and high in language, but if the object being photographed is less interesting, it’s the same.
    Surely the picture is not interesting later.
    Okay, we can think about how to make the uninteresting look interesting, but to make it easier, please look for interesting objects from the start.
    How to determine it? Expand to see the work of other photographers, often stalk their IG timeline 😀 then study the objects they usually portray.
    After that, find your passion where. If you are interested in photographing sunset or sunrise, make it your main object.
    Interested in photographing flowers? Please find the most interesting flowers that you can take.
    Interested in selfie photos? Okay … That’s how it works.

  3. Try also to keep the object silent
    One of the main advantages of DSLR or mirrorless cameras in shooting is the ability to freeze objects at high speed.
    This is different from cellphone cameras or smartphones that are somewhat less able to photograph moving objects.
    Therefore, in choosing the object to be photographed try to keep the object silent.
    If you can’t be quiet (for example, the object being photographed: your own boyfriend), shake your head a little.
    Guaranteed to be quiet, you are meant to mean hehehehe.

  4. Practice your hands holding the cellphone steady
    To train it can be by holding the boyfriend’s hand in front of his father: D.
    If it’s not trembling, it means you’re quite tested hehehe.
    No one likes to see photos that are blurry or appear blurry.
    Likewise, when you take pictures with cellphones or other types of cameras. Some of these tips will help you to keep your hands stable.

  5. Get close to the object being photographed (except the one you portrayed is the Komodo dragon)
    If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough – Robert Capa
    The free translation of the quotation, Robert, above is that if your photo is bad, it means you are not close to the object. That’s it.
    There are many advantages that you can get if you want to get close to the object being photographed.
    First is the bokeh effect in the background.
    Remember, one of the bokeh factors is the distance between the camera and the object being photographed.
    Look again at the bokeh tips using this smartphone.
    The second is that you don’t need to use a zoom camera that has a bad result.
    Plus you can compose objects in all existing photo frames.

  6. Select the camera application on your mobile or smartphone
    Unless you want a selfie, it may be a C360, but if you want the best quality, take a picture with the camera’s default application.
    Later after that you can edit the photo with a variety of applications.
    Taking pictures with the third party application will usually cut the quality of the photo because it has added a variety of effects and filters available.
    An exception if you choose to use photography-specific applications such as Camera FV-5.
    This kind of application is recommended because it optimizes smartphone cameras by adding features such as ISO or aperture settings.

  7. When shooting hold a little until the camera has finished storing the photo
    This is my personal experience. Once told to take a picture of a friend and girlfriend.
    Both of them were stylishly intimate, and I confidently photographed both of them.
    Snap … Snap, because I am accustomed to a full speed DSLR, I immediately submit the results to them so they can be seen.
    Eh .. Even protested, how come the picture blurred all the words, even though it was locked in focus.
    Apparently oh it turns out, the shooting time span on the smartphone has a fairly long pause.
    When pressed on the screen, the camera does not immediately take pictures plus sometimes the selected shutter time is slow enough to sway a little the result must be blurry.
    So if you want a good picture, wait a little before checking the results of the photo.

  8. Angle is everything
    Have you seen a viral post on Facebook with the title above? If ever, surely you know that the shooting angle is very influential on the results of the photo.
    Likewise, when shooting with a mobile camera.
    Pay attention to the angle you choose, at least you can already imagine what the picture will look like.
    Articles about various angles when shooting this will really help you.
    If you want, you can try the force perspective technique which makes your photos look unique as below.

  9. Learn the composition of your photos, match objects and backgrounds, colors, shapes, lines
    The composition of the photo is important.
    Because it determines whether your photo has meaning or just a snapshot.
    The composition itself is quite complex to learn, in photography we recognize the composition of rule of third, golden ratios, spirals, patterns and more.
    To make it easier for you, when you are going to take a picture, think again whether the objects and backgrounds and objects in the frame already seem to fit? Are there still ways to look better?
    Either there is an object being shifted or you are shifting, or clearing the place of visible garbage Such simple things are quite influential later.

  10. Clean your smartphone lens from oil, dirt and dust
    The average person always holds a smartphone when traveling anywhere.
    This makes smartphones the most vulnerable to dust and dirt around us.
    Not like a digital camera lens equipped with a lens cap or lens cover, a lens on a smartphone is certainly not equipped with such a thing.
    Even though using a protective case, the lens glass is certainly left open.
    Therefore, make it a habit to clean the lens before taking a picture, use a soft cloth like cleaning glasses to clean the dirt or fingerprints that stick.

  11. Use a tripod (if necessary)
    This is not too urgent.
    Only if you take pictures in low light or want to make a slow speed light photo trail with a smartphone.
    Even though it is able to produce photos like that we need special applications that can enable users of the photography triangle, especially choosing shutter speed.
    And even then it cannot be used for smartphones, only in certain types and brands.
    Oh yes, so that your smartphone can be placed on a tripod you need a special holder that can be connected to a tripod mount. Many of these holders are sold online.

  12. HDR mode in light contrast situations
    First understand the HDR function so that you can better understand the situation where you need to use this feature.
    In general, our HDR features can be used when shooting in conditions with high contrast.
    For example photographing objects in the dark part either because of being shaded by trees or in the hut.

  13. Create photo telling stories
    One so that your photo trick looks interesting and memorable is to make a photo telling a story.
    The point is that everyone who is photographing you are photographing, can understand the meaning behind making the photo.
    In order to be more easily understood by people who see, provide two or more photos that are interrelated with each other.
    This trick will be interesting if you do when traveling or traveling.
    Every now and then, try the type of photo of human interest. Surely you will be interested.

  14. Tight catch moments
    This is closely related to the previous points that the photo tells.
    So that a photo can display meaning or can be understood by others also depends on the moment you are shooting.
    So we can capture the moment, learn to pay attention to the situation around you. Don’t just stick with the screen and social media.
    One of the added values ​​for a smartphone camera is small, lightweight form.
    That way it won’t be used to take pictures, plus it’s easy (and sure) to be taken everywhere.
    Remember you want your Android or Apple smartphone, the value is irreplaceable.

  15. Take advantage of burst mode
    On some types of smartphones provided the burst mode is in a row.
    So that the moments you take can be perfectly recorded, don’t hesitate to use this mode.
    Luckily those of us who live in the era of memory cards are cheaper. Moreover, many cellphones that offer considerable internal memory.

  16. Additional lenses?
    Who said that smartphones cannot be used with additional lenses?
    Currently there are many additional special smartphone lenses that provide a separate effect for the photos.
    Unfortunately, the quality of these additional lenses on average is still not enough.
    One lens for a pretty good smartphone is a product from the Lensbaby manufacturer.

  17. What about the flash?
    Honestly, the flash on a smartphone sometimes just as a photo marker has just been taken away, hehe.
    Many times when group photos, he said “it hasn’t felt” if I don’t use the flash.
    In addition to the light power of the cellphone flash that is not much, using a flash light directly also makes the photos less good.
    See the explanation in this external flash article, although flash is discussed for the camera but it’s basically the same.
    Because it goes back to the first point, when shooting make sure the light conditions are sufficient so that the flash is no longer needed.

  18. Editing
    Don’t underestimate this editing process.
    If you are good at editing, maybe your own face photo is no longer recognized hehehe.
    The essence of the editing process is to make your photos look better. Good words here are certainly very subjective, what you think is good is not necessarily according to others.
    The simple tip is to let your photos look simple, because the result is certainly not good.
    Some of the main things are the problem of cropping (for example making the horizon look straight), color correction, or light and dark photos.
    Some of the most popular and powerful photo applications for this are Photoshop mobile, VSCO, Snapseed and the like.


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