Development of Photography from Time to Time

Development of Photography from Time to Time

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“Photography” comes from the Greek words photo (“light”) and graphein (“drawing”) The word first used by scientist Sir John FW Herschel in 1839. Photography is a method of recording images with the action of light or radiation related to the material sensitive to light.


     Photography starts with the basic idea of ​​making a camera, this idea has been around since the 5th century BC. Experiments on cameras were carried out by an Iraqi scientist (Arabic) which led to a theory of the linearity of light. Reflection of an image will only appear projected on the other side if through a small hole. The image of the candle on the right will appear projected on the left. His observations became the forerunner of camera obscura in the 11th century BC.

This camera obscura does not really record images, because the creation of a permanent image due to light by film has not been created before 1816. This camera obscura only projects the image to another surface through a small hole and is used as a tool in drawing, image the projected on the surface also looks upside down.

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Camera Obscura first uses small holes and tents to project images from outside the tent into dark areas. It took until the 17th century to summarize the camera Obscura from the size of a large tent to be small enough and portable as well as the addition of lenses and others to improve the image created.


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