Why Wedding Photo service is Very Expensive?

Why Wedding Photo service is Very Expensive?
Wedding photography is one area of ​​photography that has a very high level of difficulty. Why is that?

    The wedding is usually done in a room with minimal lighting. Circumstances
like this can be said to be nightmares for photographers because
minimal lighting will make it difficult for photographers to get sharp,
focused photos.

photos are often done very dynamically, following a series of events
involving the movement of brides, family brides, invited guests and
other important objects.
This is of course very difficult to do, especially coupled with a lack of lighting. To
get good results, before the wedding day the photographer usually makes
a strategy by studying client requests, learning the list of events and
the layout of the marriage room which will certainly take a lot of

accommodate all the shooting needs, photographers need to use good
equipment, ranging from cameras and lenses, tripods, lighting, photo
storage places such as hard drives and SD cards etc.
Not to mention additional needs such as assistants, etc. which certainly will cost a lot.

The entire shooting sequence must be carried out in a very short time. Cannot be repeated if there is a failure. So the photographer must truly master all photography techniques in order to take the best moments as perfectly as possible. Experience and knowledge about wedding photography is usually obtained by attending trainings from the best photographers. Of course the cost is also expensive.

After the wedding is over, the photographer’s work is not over. Photographers need to make photo editing using various computer applications and print photos according to client requests. If there are hundreds of photos that need to be done, it will certainly take a lot of time and energy to finish everything.
You might find some wedding photo service providers that offer cheap fees. But the price you pay will reflect the results you will get. The cheaper the price, the more points I mentioned above will be compensated. The more points that are compensated, the lower the quality of the photos produced.
people say that providing expensive food will only end up in the
stomach of invited guests, while those who will continue to be
remembered until old age are the results of photographs at the wedding.
If you want to get the best wedding photos, prepare the best pocket.
Expensive is relative. There
are wedding photos of tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah, but there
are even many wedding photographers who provide cheap prices, for
example 1 million.
are prices for goods, so the saying goes even though it’s not always
cheap, it’s definitely cheap or ugly, and it’s not always expensive,
it’s definitely high quality.
Wedding photos are a separate genre of photography. In
general, laypeople perceive wedding photos as “bright” photos and their
faces clearly visible, when taking pictures with all smiles.
Think of this view as conservative. Not wrong, even for some people as if there is no other choice, it must be like that.
along with the development of the world of photography, sub-genres of
wedding photos emerged, including shallow depth of field (a lot of
blur), some prioritize the beauty of the wedding venue so that the
bride’s photo is small or only visible from the side or back so the
bride is not an object
photo, then there is also in one frame / shot there are some bridal
photos so that it is more like a work of art than a wedding photo, and
there are still many other styles or subgenres.
course there needs to be an adjustment, the bride who adjusts her
expectations with the style of the photographer, or the photographer who
adjusts to the bride’s expectations.
it is better to have a bride and photographer meeting long before the
wedding, so that it can harmonize expectations with the photographer’s
addition to discussing the chosen photography style, it is also
necessary to determine when to submit a list of anyone who needs to be
photographed (family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.), who is the MC of the
photo session, when the joint photo session is held and where, what
matters need special attention
if possible with their parents to know me who will be in charge of
capturing their child’s marriage, and what photographer messages for
couples (eg doing everything slowly, I will give instructions /
communication with them if needed, etc.).
Usually that’s what I did before working on wedding photos.
personally as a photographer, feel that with the interview the bride
can trust me so that at least I can ease the burden on the mind of the
bride and groom about the wedding photos, there are those who help and
will hand over the best photos to them.
Going back to the “expensive” topic, factors that affect costs include:

    Used items (not photographer inventory), for example batteries or lens rental and also the consumption of the photographer team.
equipment investment: DSLR cameras, flash / flash lights, studio
lights, lamp stands, lamp accessories (softbox, reflective umbrella,
etc.), tripods, backgrounds, background stands, etc. whose total is
worth tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah.
Photography skills, these skills are learned through a long and difficult process, although fun.
Photographer and assistant services (usually help with lifting things, installing photo equipment and other rough work). Photographers may not be profitable, right? Yes, maybe, if you marry your own friend or relative. But the assistant must be paid.
costs, or gasoline money, because to bring lots of photography
equipment, usually use a car, you can use a private car or take a grab /
editing, every photo that will be used PASTI needs to go through the
editing process at least for brightness / contrast and normalizing
colors requires the skill to use image editing software such as Adobe
Photoshop or others.
and design of photos in a photo album, structuring and beautifying the
appearance of photos to be printed require the skills to use software to
create photo collages such as Photoshop, Canva, FotoJet, or others.
Print photos, and photo albums, and print enlarged photos, and photo frames.
The cost goes back and forth to the photo printing place.
fees, commissions for those who give wedding photo jobs (catering, or
wedding organizers, or make-up artists, or others).
Unexpected costs or others.
Quite understandable, why do wedding photos cost like that. Eventually return to the bride and groom who will be chosen. Choose
a photographer who, after chatting, feels fit and after seeing the
results of his work, you believe you can produce the best photos in your
choosing a wedding photographer is not just because of cheap or because
of friends or relatives, but choose the ones you trust and you feel
comfortable working together.
the benefits obtained by the bride and groom are perceived to be
greater than the amount of Rp. Rp., The bride will consider the costs
incurred for comparable wedding photos, and vice versa.
Congratulations on choosing wisely. Greetings photography.


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