GPU Z with Test Fake or Original VGA – Important While GPU Benchmark Software Test

GPU Z with Test Fake or Original VGA – Important While GPU Benchmark Software Test

Update for the latest AMD VGA series RX 500

Software checks VGA from GPU-Z in version 2.12.0 update.

This update added a logo on the right side that can appear with the VGA brand logo.

Some VGA cases are modified from the old VGA, by changing the mod BIOS. Then VGA will look like the latest VGA model.

When viewed the information provided, the user does not know if the VGA purchased is a fake VGA.

Why GPU-Z adds information for original and fake VGA.

Modifying BIOS from an old VGA can be modified. And it will look like the latest version of VGA, even though the VGA engine is an old VGA.

First appeared on the eBay market, and often faked the Nvidia VGA series XXX models to the new XXXX.

GPU-Z version 2 has a warning with a yellow logo when detecting fake VGA and written Fake
Update versi 2.0
pemeriksaan VGA palsu dari NVIDIA GPUs (G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, GT215,
GT216, GT218, GF108, GF106, GF114, GF116, GF119, GK106)
Added BIOS saving capability for NVIDIA Turing
Added monitoring for multiple fans on Turing
Added fan speed% monitoring on Turing
Added HDMI and DisplayPort info to Advanced -> NVIDIA
Power draw on NVIDIA cards is now reported in both TDP% and Watts

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 Fixed system hang caused by valve anti-cheat
Fixed memory bandwidth on Turing with GDDR6
Fixed tooltip for system memory usage sensor
Fixed broken Radeon RX 400 GPU usage monitoring on newer drivers

GPU-Z is used to check VGA speed from clock speed, change in VGA performance speed, temperature and more. And see the VGA features for OpenCL, CUDA, and PhysX support

From the data available, GPU-Z version 1 adds some updates below

Added AMD Radeon memory timings section to Advanced Tab
Added driver date to driver version tooltip and to Advanced Tab
Added settings entry to set sensor default display mode (cur, min, max, avg)
Added right-click menu to Advanced Tab to copy to clipboard
Improved GPU-Z startup speed, especially on slow or single-core systems
Query_External files will be deleted from temp folder immediately
Fixed order of OpenCL entries in Advanced Tab (CMD Queue Properties)
Fixed missing sensors in shared memory
Fixed display corruption on older NVIDIA GPUs
Added EVGA iCX fan monitoring support
Added die size and transistor count for AMD RX 560
Added support for Intel Iris Plus 640 & 650, GMA600
Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030, GeForce 810M, Mining P104 & P106, Quadro P3000Software GPU-Z only 6 mb. Can be download GPU-Z via Techpowerup


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