How to be a Good Wedding Photographer and Videographer / Cameramen

Being a wedding photographer there are many things that must be prepared and done so that the work can run well and smoothly.

Not only in technical terms, but also non technical. Especially for wedding photographers who first receive a job photo marriage, shooting at the wedding reception event can be something quitestressful.

There are many things that need to be prepared and done by wedding photographer for the process of shooting can run smoothly and the image can be maximized.

Some important points that must be considered for example related to the preparation of equipment, human resources to be involved, photo objects and various styles to be taken, to understand the location of shooting and so forth.

In addition to related to the preparation of shooting, one thing that is not less important to think about is the various activities that will be done when the event was held.

For example the best camera settings, lighting settings, managing image files, attitudes and behavior in shooting and others. (read also: Wedding Photo Business, Minimum Capital Maximum Result)


Example of some poses in photo shoot / Jimboeng PhotographyHere we present some tips that should be done by wedding photographer when receiving the wedding documentation job: 

1. Prepare things before the event begins

Before the wedding begins, a wedding photographer should be prepared to prepare various things for the shooting process.

Preparation is the key to success for all to be sure it can run smoothly without any constraints. Preparation for shooting will be better if done within 1-2 days before the event was held.Preparation
of equipment to be used – For a wedding photographer, equipment can be described as a weapon to advance to the battlefield.

For that prepare well the various equipment that will be used, ranging from camera, flash, reflector, batre, carger, reflector umbrella and so forth. (Read also: List of Wedding Photography Equipment)

Check each equipment carefully, make sure everything is in normal condition so it can be used for shooting sessions. As much as possible use two cameras with different lenses to work more efficiently.

Also make sure the camera batteries and flash are full and the memorycard is completely empty.

It would be better if each of the main equipment used has a backup.Prepare human resources – Human resources is one important factor that affects the good of a work.

Simple equipment if operated by those who have expertise, the results can be better than sophisticated equipment but operated by people who do not master it.

Similarly, in the world of photography, as a work in the world of wedding photos as much as possible to prepare enough human resources to master a variety of photographic equipment. Make sure the wedding photographer who will apply the photo shoot is a competent person, can master the equipment well and can take various moments appropriately.choose-moment-best-for-photographing-wedding

Two wedding photographers have a greater chance of getting an unexpected moment / Jimboeng Photography In doing shooting work, although a wedding photographer can do his own work but it would be better if he has a partner as an assistant or as a second photographer.

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By having a second photographer this usually results will be more varied photos, one person can work photographing the formal poses while others can take pictures by capturing the important moments Candid.

Make a list of photos to take – For many wedding photographers who have been accustomed to shooting marriage ceremonies, they usually have some sort of template or repertoire of styles and poses they will take while working.

For that reason also think to make a list of photos to be taken, for example starting from the show spray, the process of makeup, ceremony, family photos, and so forth.

In  addition to preparing an existing template, it’s good a wedding photographer also gives the bride the opportunity to express their way.

Asking both partners to prepare a variety of unique poses with the family can be a special wedding document.photographer-wedding-can-take-moment-unexpected  A happy moment with family / Jimboeng Photography

Creating a list of photographs can be done by a photographer based on his or her own ideas and / or coupled with the expectations of both partners.

For that we need to know also how many the desired number of photos, important moments that should not be missed, the printout, the use of photo albums, price deal and so forth.

Reviewing the event’s location – Reviewing the location of the wedding before the event begins can be a way to better master the situation when shooting.

Although many wedding photographers who consider not important, but this is actually strongly recommended.

From here a photographer can know the best position in photographing, putting various supporting equipment, ensuring lighting conditions, and so forth.

Many things can actually be obtained from reviewing the location of the wedding, including time and energy efficiency because it knows the exact location of the route.

Ask for the shooting coordinator – When shooting at a wedding reception, family photos become one of the mandatory menus that are never left behind.

If the process of shooting a family member of the two brides is not prepared early on, it can be ascertained the condition is a bit rowdy irregular.

There is a request to be photographed first, the queue is not tidy, or even some are reluctantly photo.

To overcome this rowdy condition, one thing to do is to ask for a shooting coordinator from the bride and groom to prepare any member of the family, coworkers, schoolmates or others to be  photographed.

With this coordinator, the shooting session can be done in rotation and can be called in sequence. 

2. Use technical shooting safe and practical

Being a wedding photographer should be able to work effectively and efficiently but still can produce the best photographs.

For that it is necessary to also set all the equipment well in order to work can be maximized. There are many things that can be done, example use of high shutter speed, turn off voice features, and so forth.

photo-selfie-weddingMoment photo of bride selfie / Jimboeng Photography

Turn off the camera sound feature – Turn off the sound feature on a digital camera can be done to keep the wedding atmosphere is solemn and sacred.

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The sound of the “bibs” of detectors focusing on the camera can often precipitate the natural expression of the bride during the candid photo shoot.

Using High Speed ​​Shutter – To get important moments that can pass quickly, try to use a high shutter speed on the camera.

This is very useful so that the images are not blurred, clearer and sharper. Even to get the best moment camera can be set Continous brust mode.

Maximize the function of flash – The use of flash in shooting wedding events can be a safe way to be able to produce sharp images, especially if the shutter speed using high speed.

In addition, the use of flash can also work when going to photograph objects that are in the backlight position, the object will remain clearly visible even though the background is bright enough light.

To produce the best results in using flash, it would be better to test each portrait. Either by putting flash directly on the object, or by bounce (reflecting light).

Bounce on the flash has many advantages, in addition to light can be softer, the light can also glow throughout the room so that the light in the photo more evenly.photographer-wedding-can-take-a-place-unique

The photo object still looks clear even though the background is bright light / Jimboeng Photography

Choose background photos appropriately – Wedding reception event is very crowded, both crowded because of the many invited guests, downriver catering servants, or others.

To be able to take photographs well try to consider the use of the background properly so that the object that is photographed remains prominent.

To get the background of the photo exactly can be done by choosing a neat place, this can be done by waiting for a really precise moment or by enlarging the camera diaphragm so that the background can appear more blurred.

But for the third way to be careful of lens settings, do not get the wrong focus.

3. Photograph the Valuable moment

Prioritize important moments – In the wedding procession there are many activities that can be draining, especially if in customary wedding occasion sometimes takes a long time even for days. For that make a priority scale in taking pictures based on the list of photos that have been made.

There are photos that MUST exist, and there are also complementary photographs to support the storyline of the wedding procession.

Do not underestimate the little things – Something important in photography is not always a big object. As one of the wedding documents there are many small things that often escape the attention, and it is precisely what brings the impression to the bride and groom.

Complete stock photos taken with a variety of wedding trinkets that exist, such as photo dowry, bridal makeup process, unique souvenirs, delivery, and so forth.

not-as-a-small-mom-mom-snapDo not underestimate the little things when photographing / Jimboeng Photography

Do not be afraid of shooting exploration – Bringing two wedding photographers to document the marriage procession will indeed be more varied results.

Besides being able to take formal pictures, in photography one photographer can do a lot of shooting exploration. Photos with style and unique look can be presented to insert the formal photographs in the wedding photo album.

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Making these non-formal photographs can be made by way of shooting, sharp space settings with bokeh images, or family photo styles that are not rigid but relaxed, even joking.

Creative take advantage of the moment in various situations – The situation and
conditions of the wedding sometimes can occur things beyond the expectations and beyond the plan.

There are many mistakes that often occur during the wedding procession, such as tension in the pronunciation of unforeseen marriage pronunciation, leaking tile when it rains in the middle of the
reception, bridal strike car, or the other.

Unique moments like this will indeed cause panic, but as a responsive wedding photographer, moments like this can create unforgettable memories.

Capture the moment, to get funny photos that make both brides laugh.

4. Pay attention to ethics in photographing

Marriage is one of the sacred processes for many lives. Although wedding photographers have the authority to take pictures freely, they must still be able to maintain ethics, attitudes, and behavior while shooting.

Do not just because you want to get a good angle of making then ignore the sacred procession that must be maintained. This is where the importance of reviewing the location of the wedding
for a photographer, photocall position can be planned from the beginning.

Wedding photographer must keep the sacredness of marriage procession / Jimboeng Photography

Timing is everything for wedding photographers, to get the most appropriate position in order to take an important moment without having to interfere with the procession of marriage.

Move quickly and precisely so that important photos are not missed.

So a humorous person – Breaking the ice and the tension when the process of shooting can be done with a little humor.

With humor, wedding photographers can create a more cheerful atmosphere so the bride and groom can smile broadly. Although humorous but do not over, all must be adapted to the existing situation. 

5. Manage photo files well

Use the best photo sizes – To get the most out of the shoot, use the best photo file type, the highest pixel size, preferably using RAW format.

Using RAW files, images from camera sensors will be sent directly to the memory card without first processing in the camera.

The refore by using this file the photographer can adjust exposure and white balance using digital software on the computer.

Backup photos on some storage media – After the shooting process is complete, try to immediately move the photo file into storage media, for example into the external hard disk and laptop.

By storing photo files into multiple storage media, photos can be safer if something happens to the camera or memory card. 

6. As a professional wedding photographer, Pack the photos as best you can

For wedding photographers, packing photos well is one way to appreciate his own work through packaging.

For that in presenting the work to the client try to look as good as possible. By presenting the best packaging, then you can be calm and clients can be happy …


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