How to Built a Website with Free Hosting and Templates

How to Built a Website with Free Hosting and Template

to Built a website with free Hosting and aunlimited is easy and simple. You just crete a Blogger blogspot Blog Google, with custom domain.

For those of you who currently just register or create your own blog and made a headache how to create your blog or website. Consider the following, your team helps you build a blog or website of the problem. This is How to Create or Build a Blog with Blogspot in Google for Beginner.
 How to Make a Blog or go in a place, of course is by first opening the door. Likewise
when you go in your blog, one thing you need to remember, how to open a
blog is not the same as entering the social networking account where
you can go and visit the site on the same page.

Unlike the sites that you have used a lot like, social networking or other sites. On the blog, you will be able to sign in at using the gmail account you used to create a blog account first. For that reason, why you will not be able to find sign in account on the front page of your blog.

Blogging is an activity that is increasingly popular with Indonesian people today. More and more new bloggers are popping up with different topics and writing styles. To
create a blog, there are actually many platforms that we can use, such
as: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, Webs, Jigsy, and many more.

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Previously, let me tell you that these two services – WordPress and Blogger – provide free services to create blogs. However, although both provide free services for blogging, these two platforms differ from each other.

Step by Step to Create or Built a Blog or Website in from

to Create a Blogger blogspot, just:

  1. Signup at Blogger with E-mail gmail.
  2. The first step, first open the internet browser on your computer. Then wait while the browser page launches.
  3. Next, log on to the blogger page by typing the address “” in the address bar column of the browser. Then press the enter key.
  4. The next
    step, if you are already on the front page of, then you will
    see a sign in account similar to a sign in account on gmail account,
    here please input the gmail account you use to create a blog.
  5. Then input forgot password, and press enter or enter button, so you can be directed to go on page dashboard of your blog.
  6. And
    now, you have signed in to your blog account, hereinafter you can
    navigate to your blog page as well as manage or manage your blog.
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