male model photo style and male model hunting style

#Male Hunting Style#
••Wear sunglasses••
It is undeniable indeed, the photo style of the male model of sunglasses is one of the accessories that best supports the accessory style. A face that used to be boring and unusual can instantly turn into a beautiful face that looks male. Any woman will be attracted to the dark sung man.

••Do not apply a thin smile or smile••
In addition to artists and models, do not selfie with a smile or mouth pony if you do not want to be said to be a boy or girl. On some social media accounts, many men pose with smiles without showing their teeth with interested expressions.

••Bite grass trunks and jackets on shoulders••
It seems outdated, but the style that is always used by masculine men in 1990 still includes charming poses that are worth trying for men who like selfies. Macho impressions as men who like challenges are often pinned when men do this style. Example.
Stylish sound sleep some women will be more impressed to see photos of men who are sleeping. Cool style with closed eyes and tired expression shows that men are hardworking people who will be responsible friends.

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••Don’t forget to bring a guitar••
Well, style and pose while carrying a guitar or other musical instrument make men more impressed as people who love the music world. Men who are more interested in music often have a romantic side that can make many women go crazy.

••Point your face to the side••
Unlike the woman who often points her face to the front of the camera when the selfie tries a selfie pose that points her face to the side. This pose is like showing a mysterious impression that makes some women feel curious and curious about the face of a man when seen from the front.

••Wear a backpack••
A man when going to a selfie with a backpack can make the impression that he has a true adventure spirit. when someone wears a backpack, a good advantage can grow a few percent more than usual. Just by wearing a backpack, a man can lure a woman just by showing a selfie.
Posing on a motorcycle Posing a selfie on a motorcycle includes the most macho pose a real man has ever done. The impression displayed by a man perched on a motorcycle shows that they deserve to be a partner because they have a courageous and protective spirit for women.

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#Male Hunting Style#
••Mainin Mobile••
This pose has recently been popular since the era of smartphones triumphed, as if it were busy with sophisticated gadgets this pose would give the impression of a cool guy who has a stand. poses like this can be taken from various angles. From front, back, side, from anywhere. But most Adam prefer to be photographed with this pose from the side of the guy, maybe for a more obvious dramatic element 🙂

••One Mainin cellphone••
One More Hold Tongsis or Another Camera Yep, somewhat the same as number 1 but this pose can be said to be more “independent” because there is no need for other people to take our photos, just provide one more cellphone or camera installed in the monopod or the audience call it tongsis . The impression emanating from this pose is not much different from number 1 but in this pose the “alay” aura is more visible due to the existence of tongsis itself.

Trying to light a cigarette with matches, smoke cigarettes, or throw away cigarette smoke is the next favorite male pose. The stigma of “men smoking cigarettes, not cool” also contributed to the trend of this pose. The photographer showing this pose shows he is a wild, free man and a bad person.

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••Bareng Pinjam Motor Friend••
The motorbike seems “man really”, especially the sporty motorbike and the big-engine motorbike, of course, the style of taking photos with the motorbike is a must-try for contemporary men. Apart from the motorbike that is personal or cool and still installs or is fully paid. Taking photos with a motorbike makes the culprit feel more than an established man and has more value to attract the ideal woman.
EXCELLENT GOODS Many interpret SWAG as “Single Woles Anti Galau” and the other is “Secretly We Are Gay” (: o OMG!). But the real extension of SWAG is “Style with Little Gangsta”. The purpose of SWAG is a style similar to the style of the Rapper. The most obvious feature is a large body necklace and a hat in front of a plaster that is clearly written SWAG, YOLO or other, weapons forget to wear sunglasses. The customer poses as if telling him that he is Young, Wild and Free.


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