Main Elements in Photography

  1. Light Source
    Photography which means painting with light, means the most important element here is light.
    Where does this light come from?
    In light photography this comes from natural light (sun) and artificial light (lights).
    This source of light illuminates or douses objects / subjects with light
  2. Objects / Subjects
    Object / Subject, is an object that receives light from a light source.
    Objects are more likely to be inanimate objects or an activity, while the subject is more to a living thing
    The more light received by the object / subject, the more clearly the object is seen, on the contrary
    the smaller the light received by the object / subject, the object will be increasingly opaque (unclear)
  3. Reflected light subject / object
    When the subject / object is doused by light from a light source, actually what is caught by the human eye or the camera is light reflected by the subject / object to form the picture / painting of the subject / object.
    The dark subject / object will reflect the intensity of the dark light, while the bright subject / object will reflect the intensity of bright / bright light.
  4. Camera
    The camera is a tool used to capture light reflected by the subject / object, then store it into storage media
    In this camera there is a lens that serves to capture light, the diaphragm which functions to regulate the size of the incoming light, shutter speed that regulates the speed or slow of incoming light, sensors that capture and change the shape of light into digital data, processors for processing digital data, cards storage that serves to store digital data.

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