Outdoor Photography Equipment

••Outdoor photography – DSLR cameras••
The first is a DSLR camera, and other equipment needed is flash. To flash specifically for outdoor photography we recommend you use a speedlite flash from Yongnuo Type 568 EX. A little inform you, buddy, this flash output from Yongnuo has the ability of HSS (high speed synchronize) to 1/8000. With these capabilities the flash can be aligned as high performance flash.

••Outdoor Photography – Flash Holder••
Then what is needed is 1 Flash Holder Type C which is equipped with an umbrella holder to be installed in lightstand or tripod. It has a rotate system with a ballhead, so that it makes it easier for you to photograph in position to flash

••Outdoor Photography – Trigger••
And that’s not all you need. Friend also needs 1 trigger unit. Well for the trigger we recommend you to use the Yongnuo trigger Type YN 622 HSS 1/8000. Because this wireless trigger is equipped with TTL functions and has the ability to high speed synchronize to 1/8000. It is suitable for strobist lovers who want to look professional.

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••Outdoor Photography – Reflector••
Next, you also don’t forget when we take outdoor photos, you also need a reflector. Reflector serves to reflect natural light (the sun) and the beam of light from the lamp / speedlite. By using a reflector we can get a wider beam / lighting area.

••Outdoor Photography – Lightstand••
Next, you also need to bring 1 lightstand unit. Lightstand functions to support flash and studio lights. We recommend using Lightstand Excel Powerstar which has a maximum height of 280 cm. This lightstand has a very strong and sturdy character to support flash and studio lights. In addition, the finishing of the material is smooth and the key shock is not plastic but from a metal plate, so that the grip is stronger to hold the load. And this lightstand is also equipped with peer to avoid hard impact if the shock lock is released.

••Outdoor Photography – Softbox••
Finally, you need to bring a softbox that works to minimize light leakage or excess light. If you don’t take a full body model, you can use a medium size softbox measuring 60 cm x 60 cm.
So that’s a bit of information that we can give to you InFotography about what tools can be taken to do outdoor photography. And you need to know to start something new, don’t be afraid to start and make it a habit to explore and make new things.
Or has anyone ever tried and used a different equipment than the one we used above? You can share it in the comments column, friend. Good luck, friend!


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