The President's Photographer: 50 Years in the Oval Office

Bung Karno once released the slogan ‘Red Jacket’ which stands for Never Never Forgetting History. Now, one of the ways for us not to easily add history is to take photographs.
The phrase is perfect to conclude the story in this one documentary. The film produced by National Geographic shows how a White House photographer works to capture every moment passed by the American President. Anyway, his work schedule is exactly the same as the President’s work schedule. Where the president goes he is always there. In the film President Obama once asked the photographer why he was going anywhere. The cool thing is he just needs to answer it simply. “This is important for history, sir,” he said.
The photographer named Pete Souza has been working for photography in the White House for fifty years. Wow, how many times have you changed President?
Of course, because of the President’s daily life, Pete Souza can produce cool photos. Dalem, emotional while maintaining the values ​​of journalism


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