Heavenly Forest  (Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru)

This is a Japanese drama film. Tells about Makoto, a college guy who loves photography who has a crush on a childish girl named Shizuru (Aoi Miyazaki). The two of them finally became often photographed together in a beautiful forest. The camera they use is an analog camera. A girl as funny as Aoi Miyazaki, if I hold an analog camera, it makes me really excited, bro.
Oh yes, the story of this film is exciting and really surprising in the ending. Shizuru is jealous because Makoto has a crush on other girls who are more feminine. Shizuru left Makoto. Two years ago, they finally met again at a photo exhibition. At the exhibition, Shizuru turned bangeet and made Makoto feel sorry. ha ha.

P! still have a lot of recommendations for films about photography, then it will continue again in the next article. You just watch this one. Ok


BACA JUGA:   Annie Leibovitz “Life Through A Lens” (2008)

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