This Photographer Proves That Good Photos Don't Have to Be in a Luxury Place

1. Only using a quiet road is enough to get a beautiful photo.
2. Who would have thought that this ordinary tree could be a setting for shooting.
3. Looking at it again this park looks dirty by dry leaves, but the photos it produces are really WOW.
4. This one photo too. The model just stands in the grass. But the result turns out …
5. Even rock waves at the beach can be used for this cool photo setting.
6. At a glance, this is just an ordinary meadow but the results of the picture are even extraordinary.
7. You don’t need to really swing to make this one photo.
8. This photo shoot only uses flowers that are on the roadside.
9. With the right angle of the photo there will be no one who thinks that this photo is done in the grass that usually pollutes the beauty of the garden.
10. Even this photographer can use this small park to be a beautiful photo setting.
11. Village roads that have not been paved can also be the location for shooting.
12. This fantasy themed photo only uses a small lake that is not too beautiful.
13. Apparently you don’t need to go to a snowy place to make a winter-themed photo.
14. The pool wall can also be a romantic photo setting.
15. Who would have thought a tree on the edge of the road could be a beautiful setting for this prewedding photo.
16. A clean beach plus some shooting tricks can actually produce romantic photos.
17. In the hands of a reliable photographer there will not be anyone who thinks that this is just a puddle of water on the roadside.
18. Even the path can be a romantic photo setting.
19. You don’t need to jump to a high branch just to show that you are sitting romantic in the middle of the forest.
20. Roads in the village can be a setting for prewedding photos.

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How, really inspiring right? Now you no longer need to find an expensive place to set cool photos. Enough to use the usual places around you to produce good photos like Gilmar Silva, but of course qualified tricks and skills are needed as well so that your photos become extraordinary.

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