9 Ways to Make Money as a Photographer

  1. Take photos for clients Ideally, you have a studio (or have a budget to rent a studio) to be able to offer shooting services.
    However, of course there are also clients who prefer to take pictures in the outdoor.
    So, take it easy, there are many opportunities that you can get, because people always need professional photographers for their special moments with or without a studio.
    You need a strong portfolio, have a website, tell friends and relatives, share your work on social media and do whatever you can to promote your services.
    Here are some types of shooting that you can do:
    ••Photographing pregnant women
    ••Shooting a newborn baby
    ••Pet shooting
    ••Family photoshoot
    ••Shooting advertisements for real estate
    For price issues, you need to research the rates of some local photographers so that your prices can still compete.

  2. Sell your photo to the stock photography website If you have high-quality photos, you can sell to the stock photography site.
    Voilà, you make money passively. Become a ShutterStock or 123rf contributor. You can also upload it to Flickr and get a license from Getty Images.
    How to sell your stock photos:
    ••Sign up or register as a contributor. You will be asked to fill in some basic information, including your personal identity. Read and learn the guidelines for sending photos
    ••Upload your photos, add relevant metadata, photo descriptions and keywords
    ••Submit your photo stock for further review.

  3. Take a photo contest You don’t believe in your photography skills to join the contest? Think again.
    After all, those who participated in the contest were not the only ones who were experts? The contestants you face are from various levels of experience and expertise, so don’t be afraid to try your luck 😉
    What if you lose? Even if you don’t win the prize, participating in a contest can increase your confidence and add to your experience looking for new exposures.

  4. Start a photography blog or Blogger Youtube channel to make money through advertisements or sponsored content.
    If you are an advanced writer, this will be an alternative way to start a photography blog.
    You can make tutorials, share tips and tricks or write reviews about camera equipment and software for photography.
    Likewise, you can start to open Youtube channels to make money.
    The content is similar to blogs, only different formats. Of course you have to increase your followers before a blog or Youtube channel makes money.

  5. Selling your prints A beautiful photo is a work of art — and people will pay for artwork.
    If you want to sell your photos, here’s what you need to do:
    ••Sell ​​your photos to websites or upload them to websites like ImageKind.
    ••Bring a copy of the photo that has been frame for sale at an art and craft exhibition.
    ••Bring your photos to be extended at coffee shops, restaurants or other outlets.
    ••Offer your clients to print photos of you
    Sell ​​photos in art galleries
    ••Before you sell photo prints, make sure you are looking for a printing place that has the best print services so that it can ensure the quality of the photo in the end. Usually people will not buy photos that have elements in them, so sell other photos.

  6. Become a freelance photographer in the media Contact local media if you find a freelance photographer.
    Of course this will be an unstable job, but a good way to get some money. If you have built relationships with local publications, you can get a more stable flow of work to capture features and news.
    Make sure you make a good portfolio to increase your chances of working.

  7. Be a photographer’s assistant Most photographers need an assistant (such as at weddings or certain events).
    If you are not too confident to take your own client, working as an assistant can add to your experience and earn extra money.

  8. Offer wedding photography services You don’t need to build a wedding photography business to photograph weddings.
    You can contact your friends and relatives to offer your services. Yep, photographing weddings is profitable, even though the competition is quite tight.
    It is important to know whether your client is satisfied with your work and promote it to other acquaintances.
    Then it was decided whether you want to be full time or not.

  9. Start a niche photography business If you have a photography website that offers a variety of photography services, this is a good way to make money.
    However, if you want to be serious about your career and add more money to your account, make sure you look for a niche.
    By pursuing niche photography, you ‘force’ clients to wear your clothes according to the photography genre you offer.
    For example, you like travel, do travel photography. If you like pets, do pet photography.
    Why? Because when your client wants to hire a photographer for his wedding, will he hire a photographer who can photograph real estate? Or, he immediately hired a photographer who was used to photographing weddings?
    In essence, people who want to become photographers not only have special skills, but also have the best experience in the job.
    So if you want to start a photography business, stick to a niche, and be the best in that genre.


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