Tips for Maximizing Photo Results Using Kit Lens

As we know the greater the diaphragm number, the smaller the peloloyg hole will be in the diaphragm, and the resulting image will be even sharper.
In my experience, from all Kit 18-55mm lenses (Canon-Nikon-Sony brands) and 14-45 (Olympus) it will start to look sharp at the opening of f 6.3 and will continue to sharpen in the next big number.
Indeed this rule also applies to all lenses, but at least this helps friends not to use f whose number is smaller than f 6.3 as long as the beam is sufficient and shooting is not related to DOF conditions.
The following are photos that I took using using the Kit lens
Lym Olympus E-500, f13, ISO 100, Shutter 1/100, 14mm focal length, flash number anon Canon PowerShot G6, f 6.3, ISO 100, Shutter 1/250 .
Canon EOS 60D, f 13. ISO 100, Shutter 1 / 500, 26mm Focal Length

••Know the Vario Focal Longest Your Kit Lens••
But in the law of bias the lens is not found in a lens (single) with more than one hotspot (focus), while the system of the Zoom lens is to change the distance from each arrangement of lenses to get focus on each focal length.
From each change in distance, there is one point where the focus can be reached to the maximum.
Kit lenses are circulating and are used today after I have tested various types of brands and I observe the construction, generally the sharpest point is in the shortest lens position (when we rotate the lens in the shortest position).
The photo below is the condition of one of the Kit lens types in the conditions ranging from the widest FL (18mm) to the narrowest FL (55mm) .
From the photo above we can see if the position of the 18mm lens advances forward, then we turn to FL the lens will be smaller maximum at FL 31-33mm, then it will advance again to 55mm.
In FL 31-33mm this is what I meant by the condition of the shortest lens.
One of the things that makes this condition is due to the influence of Distortion.
By knowing this, it is better if when taking a photo it is still possible to go forward and backward, it is better to maintain the condition of the lens on FL sharply and we are adjusting the distance.

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••Take advantage of Lack of Lenses to Get Flare••
Liar Wild booster that causes flares, the number of flares will be the same as the number of lenses that reflect light sources.
Besides being sharp, a good lens can certainly dampen the effects of the light source Astigmatism from the side of the lens so that there is no wild reflection between the lenses.
In addition to the reduced sharpness that can cause flare, some product brands develop their technology to overcome this with certain coatings or coatings.
One example is Fuji Film with EBC (Electron Beam Coating) and Super EBC, lenses that are coated with EBC or Super EBC are convinced that no light spots or flares arise despite facing the sun, which only glow from the light.
The Kit lens still doesn’t have this kind of Coating, but one of the advantages is that we can beautify the photo with the Flare.
Thus some tips from us, hopefully can be useful for all of us, and also continue to work with existing tools, and continue to learn and learn.
Here we also include a photo of the photo from the easy Kit lens which can be a reference …


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