6 Type of Consument and How to Face Them

As a businessman, you certainly will give special attention to customer service because customers like a king. Masksimal service does not necessarily result in a sale, let alone service pickup.

There are a variety of customers with a variety of unique characters you’ll meet. Then how to recognize a customer so as to provide optimum services and productive?

How to Know the Types of ConsumersUsually before making approaches to potential customers, you will explain common things like introducing yourself and your product. You can do this about 2-3 minutes.

The time you use to determine the type of consumer and assess whether the prospective client is categorized as very prospect, semi prospect or prospects.

We recommend that you often follow sales training so that the ability of your practice is equipped with adequate knowledge.

Types of Consumers

Once you learn to determine the consumer, then you should already be able to
take a stand and act to serve consumers in accordance with the types of
your customers. Here are the types of customers and how to serve it:

1. Type of subdued consumer

Consumers of this type are usually not very talkative. If you do not get a teaser of his interlocutor then they will not speak. Less talk more action, maybe that’s the motto of this type of consumer.Consumers of this type of friendship networks usually limited because they rarely socialize. But if they have friends, they are so close that any words would always be trusted. And if it had once believed, they will continue to believe it until whenever. These properties will be beneficial for you, because of the silent reference can be very unreliable.Measures of consumer communication when dealing with this type are:

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You have to be mentally prepared for a lot more talk than listen.
Started talks with things that are mild and do not need to discuss something
serious with it, let alone directly to business sales. You can start by talking about hobbies, family and so on.

2. Type choosy consumers

Although not lure consumers this type is very active talking. Even sometimes they look familiar and close to you. They are very easy to talk with a relaxed and intimate style. Sometimes they talk too exaggerated, but that’s the type of customers chatty.There are several things that must be considered to communicate with this type are:

Try to be a listener and let your customers talk.
Follow their groove until at some stage. Then steered the conversation flow as you wish.
Do not hesitate to say, “Can I talk now?”

3. Type consumers arrogant

Arrogant is one of the types of consumers who have difficulty accepting the
opinions of others and always assume pendapatnyalah most correct. If you are not familiar with this character, do not blame yourself if your presentation is always fail. Consumers arrogantly thought he knew everything, including your product though. And in a deal, you have to be patient and should not be offended at all.How to deal with consumers like it is:

Give them a chance to understand your products as he wishes. You can provide information about your product through brochures or see the product itself.
Do not try to disturb “loneliness” if you do not want to get a scolding.
You can only ask, “Are you clear about our products?” Or other similar questions.
This type is very pleased to be praised. Therefore praise them politely and proportionate.

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4. Type consumers arrogant

Do you know the difference cocky arrogant? In
this context, the type of arrogant defined as someone who is too proud
of himself and likes a lot of talk and often show off his ability and
what is owned. Though they are saying is not necessarily true. For sellers, as this type of consumer is most easily influenced.Here’s what you need to do for this type to be easy to deal with:

Let them talk as they please

Gives the impression as if you agree to all their opinions. For example, by saying “you are right”, “I agree with you”, and other similar statements.
Praise something they are proud of. For example, if a consumer you have a lot of jewelry, give compliments about it.
Cooed your customers to use your product based on their own conversation. Example statement, “If you can afford to buy luxury items like that
have you tell me, you would have been willing to buy our product”.

5. Type frugal consumers

Frugal person is a person who much account of profit and loss and utilize every thing to be bought. The consumer must take into account how beneficial that would be obtained if buy something. However, efficient type tend to be excessive. They are very detailed and will not miss any calculations.
The trick to deal with, namely:

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Prepare the data and calculations every product in full
Convey the benefits and functions of each product to consumers
Never ignore the calculation of the product, even the most trivial calculations once.
Never ignore the benefits and functionality of the product, even the most minor benefit once.

6. Type consumers comparison

Type comparison is consumers are very aware of the products you offer. It may be that consumers have even more control of the type of product you even competitors’ products, if you do not really learn about the products.

For that you have to master the product itself and its products of competitors in the face of consumer-type comparison.

Type comparison will always compare your products with the products of competitors. You could fall into the trap of comparison. Surely every seller always favor their own product quality and lower product other parties. If you do not master the product, maybe you would be powerless when dealing with them.

The trick to deal with, namely:

Master the product as much as possible and presenting science to be able to convince the type of comparison.

Learn the similar products of competitors

Never willing to get into the trap of comparing products without thinking about the impact.
To deal with this type, if you do not understand well, should be invited as well as your senior colleagues.


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