Understanding Photography Is Art

Understanding What Photography Is

Photography is an Art. If the notion of photography
is the process of art painting with light media, then everyone can do
photography activities if they have a camera, but can everyone produce
an art?

    Art is something that is created by humans that contains elements of beauty or essence of creativity.

most important art in photography is composition, with good
composition, the resulting photos will have meaning and stories that can
be conveyed.
Producing Good Photos in the Photography Process
produce a good or interesting work there are several factors, the most
important factor is the lighting factor, without good light or lighting
it will be too difficult to produce good work, for that a second factor
is needed.
In the world of
photography, there are certain types of photography that you can
experience according to your passion. Each type of photography has
different techniques and skills. Do you know what kind of photography
you are interested in? Come on, check out ten types of popular
photography and find out what type of photography you are!

1. Photography Landscape
you love photography and have a tendency to see the beautiful scenery
around you or traveling to beautiful places then capture the natural
photos. you must be interested in landscape photography. Photography
landscape is sought after by media houses. You can find cool photo
landscape works on “National Geographic”

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2. Wildlife Photography
genre that focuses on animals and their natural habitat is called
wildlife photography. Animal behavior in the wild is also an object for
wildlife photography. some of these photos are printed in journals and
cast. Many people practice this type of photography. But it’s not easy
because in addition to a sophisticated camera, a good lens, a powerful
flashlight, you also need extra patience to shoot captivating photos.

3. Aerial Photography (Aerial Photography)
photography is a type of photography in which photos are taken from the
air using a plane, hot air balloon, parachute or taken from the top of a
skyscraper. These photos provide a greater view of
the subject and background.

4. Sports Photography
genre of photography specializes in capturing decisive moments in a
sporting event. Sport photography is one type of photography that is
difficult, because it requires a lot of practice and adequate equipment.

5. Potrait Photography
of the oldest types of photography is portrait photography. Portrait
photography is all about capturing a person’s mood with the expression
of expression. This type does not need to use a professional model, it
can take pictures of family members. There are many ways to make amazing
portrait photos.

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6. Architectural Photography
photography is photography that deals with taking photos of a structure
of a house or building from different angles. The main objective of
architectural photography is to create a positive impact on potential
real estate buyers.

7. Wedding / Photography Event
can be said that newcomer photographers start their careers by
practicing photographing wedding events or photography events. But this
does not mean that wedding photography does not require any skills. When
you have been involved in wedding photography, you must have good
skills about editing.

8. Photography Fashion
photography is photographing models with glamorous lighting and also
besides photographer models photographing fashion items such as bags,
clothes, shoes, accessories, or makeup. This type of photography is
usually widely used in the world of advertising and fashion magazines.

9. Photography Macros
photography is a type of photography where images are aimed at a range
closer to displaying the details of the subject matter that you want to
highlight. An interesting subject of macro photography is flowers,
insects, textures from sweaters, or baskets.

10) Baby / Family Photography
Babies / families are another type of photography that is popular.
Photography Baby / family is done when the family usually has just got a
newborn baby. Different expressions of babies together with family
members who are targeted in this type of photography. All families come
together to freeze a photo session that can be done indoors or outdoors.


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