Understanding Photography

Understanding Photography is an art or process of earning images and light in a film. It is true, most if you are looking for an understanding of photography the answer is almost all that is the process of painting using light media. But the most important thing is how to explore the art of photography. After knowing the meaning of photography in general, then what is on your mind about photography?
Photography is an activity or process of producing an art of drawing / photo through light media with a tool called a camera with a specific purpose and purpose. (Wikipedia)
Understanding Photography Is Art
If the notion of photography is the process of art painting with light media, then everyone can do photography if they have a camera, but can everyone produce an art?
Art is something created by humans that contains elements of beauty or essence of creativity.
The most important art in photography is composition, with a good composition, the photos produced will have meaning and stories that can be conveyed.
Producing Good Photos in the Photography Process
To produce a good or interesting work there are several factors, the most important factor is the lighting factor, without good light or lighting it will be too difficult to produce good work, for that the second factor is needed.

The second factor is the photographer, this foktor is also important, because without a photographer the photography process would not occur. Here the photographer will be sued and tested for his art or creativity to produce a good or interesting photo.
Photographers are a profession, photographers live with photography.
The third factor is the camera, without the camera the photography process does not occur. Cameras are a basic tool in photography activities. The last factor is supporting factors such as backup lenses, light aids (camera flash lights), reflectors, tripods, and others
There is no need to use an expensive camera to create a photographic work of art.
After the above factors become one, a photographer becomes the main factor in creating a good and interesting photo art.
A good photo is relative, and a bad photo is absolute.


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