Video Editing Course – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Day 1

Module 1. Getting Started with Premiere Pro CC
  • Launching Premiere Pro and starting a project
  • Taking a tour of Premiere Pro Interface
  • Editing tools and layouts
Module 2. Setting Up Media
  • Importing media
  • Importing card based media
  • Importting media from existing Premier Pro projects
  • Organizing assets into bins
  • Performing searches and creating search bins
  • Relinking offline media 
Module 3.  Basic Editing
  • Playing and marking shots in preparation for editing
  • Subclipping shots
  • Setting up a sequence
  • Performing insert edits
  • Moving clips and swapping shots
  • Removing material and performing basic trims
  • Overwriting B-roll and performing three points edits
  • Reviewing timeline navigation and clip selection techniques
  • Editing using Touch, Gesture Controls and Drop Zones
Module 4. Basic Audio Editing 
  • Understanding audio channel configuration
  • Making basic audio gain and level adjustments
  • Keyframing audio
  • Basic audio mixing
  • Fixing out of sync audio
  • Recording voice over in the Timeline
  • Syncing your video in high quality audio
  • Sending your sequence to Audition for audio cleanup

Day 2

Module 5. Working with Stills and Graphics
  • Working with stills in a video environment
  • Animating stills
  • Working with layered Photoshop documents
Module 6. Working with Effects
  • Working with basic motion effects
  • Adding and modifying transition effects
  • Adding, modifying and saving video effects
  • Adding and adjusting audio effects
  • Keyframing effects over time
  • Affecting effects with adjustment layers and nests
  • Adding effects to master clips
  • Masking and tracking effects
  • Chrome keying with the Ultra Keyer
Module 7. Manipulating Clip Speed
  • Working with freeze frames
  • Performing fit to fill edting
  • Using the Rate Stretch tool to change clip speed
  • Using the Clip speed/duration window for precise speed changes
  • Making variable speed changes with the Time remapping tool
Module 8 Basic Color Correction
  • Color correction: Looking with your eyes
  • Taking a brief look at some color correction tools
  • Following a proper color correction window using the Lumetri presets
  • Creating looks with Lumetri presets
  • Performing secondary color correction
Module 9. Working with Titles
  • Creating a basic third title
  • Creating rolling and crawling titles
Module 10. Sharing & Exporting
  • Exporting your project
  • Batch export with Media Encoder
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