Tips on Managing Composition in Photography

The basic principle is balanced. For that in adjusting the composition of the photo note the suitable orientation, portrait or landscape, usually the panorama or distant object matches using landscape, while the vertical object is suitable using portrait.
Other composition techniques include Framing, Geometric and Freedom.
Shooting with many subjects that are relatively uniform, is less interesting from the view of photo composition. Find one of the different subjects among the many subjects. Different can be interpreted as different movements, shapes and colors. Read articles about the definition of POI or Point Of Interest.
In packaging a photo so that it seems dynamic and creates harmony, it needs an understanding of the rules about composition. The Rule of Third principle is very helpful to get good photo composition, for that also read the Rule of Third photography concept writing, as well as understand the exposure technique in the exposure triangle article, to maximize the composition of your photos to make them more interesting.
One of the elements that builds a composition of a photo is the angle at which the object is taken.
The following is the type of photo taking angle or often called an angle camera that we can apply when shooting:
••Bird Eye••
the position of the object photographed below is lower than our position, usually for photographing humans
••High Angle••
different from the bird eye, even though we are both in a higher position than the object of the photo. For example photographing rice fields from the top of the hill.
••Eye Level••
An angle of nine images where the object and camera are parallel / the same as the eye can see.
••Low Angle••
The shooting angle where the object is higher than the camera’s position. For example, shooting a multi-storey building.
••Frog Eye••
The angle of vision is limited to frog eyes. At this position the camera is at the bottom, almost parallel to the ground and not facing upwards. Usually photographing like this is done in warfare and for photographing flora and fauna.


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