Starting the World Model and Fashion Photography

Step 1:
You must start the place immediately.
To be honest, in reality there is no model agency that is moved to hire you, if you don’t have a portfolio at all about this field of photography.
You have to start somewhere immediately, meet colleagues or colleagues who are often struggling in the modeling world and ask them to provide some model photo shoots, practice your photography skills with them.
Buddy may at first go through lots of free photos for them, but don’t think commercially first, focus on how to produce good photos as soon as possible, believe your hard work will pay off at this stage.
If your friends are happy about the results of the work, of course they will show their other friends and post these photos to various social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others

Step 2:
Start working with the actual model
After working with your friends as in the first step, now at least you already have some photos that you like, now is the time to step further by working with the designers and the actual models.
One of the easiest ways to find them, is to look for references in Model Mayhem.
Model Mayhem is a social media that is intended for models, photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers and agencies.
Every user has a kind of job profile page, and of course you will easily find models and designers near your area.
Make a profile and enter only your best photos.
Model, the agency might send a ‘Casting-Call’ that you can respond to, and you can even send a ‘Casting-call’ to find the person you need near the Living Area.
There are many photography skills or abilities on the site, so if you are still learning then you can work with people who are new to this ‘industry’.
All costs and prices are dependent on the level of ability and portfolio. Some models will charge a fee for photographing, some photographers will also charge for models and designers, and may be a service exchange or barter.
Find a model near your area and work with them.
Use this site to build a network of friends, because by getting the attention of the models, designers and other agencies will help you, and that’s what you really need.
Another way to find the ‘results’ of actual work is through working with distros, boutiques or local clothing stores in your city.
Lots of small distros that have their own clothing designs, or use suppliers that don’t have photos for promotions or product photos.
The above is a good way to enter the world of photography models. because clothing companies always want their products to look good with the photos you produce.
How small the clothing distro is is not a problem for you to start, all you have to think about is this is about the photos that you will produce and will be a reference for the next clothing distros.


Step 3:
Make your portfolio and you easy to find
After you have a portfolio that can sell and you have worked with several models and designers, soon you will realize people will approach.
Like everything that happens in everything, when someone sees that their friend or colleague has something interesting, He also wants it.
When someone you are collaborating with puts up the photo on social media, then their friends in the same industry are likely to want to work with you too.
Also make sure people who want to work with you can easily find you and your portfolio using websites, facebook, twitter, and others.

Step 4:
Don’t stop!
Now you have a good portfolio, models and designers who want to work with you and a network of friends in the same industry.
From here you can decide whether to work as a freelance or enter your portfolio to agencies, designers, studios, and others.
Whatever your steps, try to keep shooting. A stagnant portfolio is definitely not attractive to anyone, it continues to grow along with expanding your industrial network.


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