Cara How to Download Movie or Film from Google Drive that Found Error

When I want to Download from any site, I found Error. Bahasa Indonesia di Sini.

This is the way How you can Download any movie or film form anysite.

Just make copy that movie and download it

  1. Open the site, example
  2. Choose the Movie you want to download
  3. Choose Google Sharer … When showed the error like pic in no. 
  4. Just play the movie … 
  5. When the movie played .. .see at the top right side ‘pop-out’ klik it you will redirect to the other tab to play the movie in side Google drive
  6. Click Add to My Drive
  7. Open your google drive
  8. See are there is the movie that you add before
  9. Just make copy that movie until shown a Copy of bla bla bla title the movie title that you added.
  10. Just try to Download the Movie in “new” file copy … you should can download that movie … 

That it.


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