How to Edit Someone Out of a Photo

How to Edit Someone Out of a Photo

How to Edit or Delete Something or Someone from Photos

 Remove items from your pictures!
Have you ever seen one of your photos and thought, “Ughhhh. This
would be perfect if the hand didn’t block the camera lens … if the
fence wasn’t broken … if my finger wasn’t in the frame … if my
sister didn’t have a new boyfriend taking a photo, in all my wedding
photos, if we knew
they will only end up eventually.
If you encounter one of these situations, you might be happy to know there is good news about this solution!It’s like getting a miracle (or some plastic surgery procedure) by cloning, then covering another part of the photo. So professional photo editing software. And the good news is that this feature is in PicMonkey. It has the ability to magically “erase” parts of your photos by covering them with details of the surrounding area.Watch this good video to learn how to edit something from an image or skim below to gather highlights.
How to use clones
The clone functions by taking a portion of your original photo and attaching it to something you don’t want to see. The
part of the picture you borrow is called “Source.” The brush you use
for your source reflects the brush you use when painting in a new area,
so when you adjust your brush size, remember that it will apply to the
Source and brush.
Clones are dynamic, so when you paint your brush along a new area, the source moves with it. If
you clone something a little complicated, like if you want to fix the
fence, for example, you might want to keep re-choosing your source so
you don’t turn and start painting on the part of the picture you don’t
Don’t worry if that happens. You can always choose an eraser to delete something you don’t mean to clone.
You can also adjust the Brush hardness slider if you want to paint the clone with a softer edge. (This works well for something like a cloudy sky.) Use the Fade slider to let part of the original image appear. This can be a cool look if you want something abstract or some kind of trippy.Clone specimens
Need to be more sure that the Clone is your savior of photos? See this Clone-enhanced before and after and then show us yours with #PicMonkey.


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