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Photo Polaroid Frame Size CM Potrait an How to Print

Today with a smartphone, we can print pas photo Just print with a small printer. Just edit and print by ownself.

Today everyone know smartphone is almost unleaveble gadget. Everytime anywhere use it.

Sometime we want to print it out such us Polaroid Photo (picture). Polaroid picture hase a uniqe size and format style. What is the real size of Polaroid Photo/frame?

This is how to make resize polaroid picture and frame also Pas Photo 2×3 3×4, 4×6. and Polaroid Photo size.

Photo Size usually use stantare size detailed is 7,7 cm x 9,3 cm.

Although actually in the photo printing machine the photo lab itself is currently available, this Polaroid size is no longer available, except in the
Polaroid Camera instax Polaroid Camera.

But it can set itself on the computer by adjusting the photo half the size of 3R (12.7 x 8.9) and cut it later.

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But there is no harm and no one forbids, if you want to create and print yourself. Size does not have to be exactly the same. Even
if you just take the style, shape and size can be different, either the
size of the size of the photo, or the style of upright and tilted

For example photo size 10R size
is usually when printed on 10R paper + 10R size photo printed on A4
photo paper, the results can resemble the style of a polaroid photo

Ukuran Polaroid Photo, Postcard dan Ukuran Cetak Pas Foto

Size can be different, model the same shape = polaroid. So it can print large or small, as desired.

Ukuran Foto Postcard / Postcard Size & Template Design

Postcard Size Photo & Template Use design is a separate standard and can be chosen by postcard lovers, and postcards are usually better known as postcards in the form of cards and sent by post.

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Postcards are usually filled with short messages intentionally sent by the sender and usually made at special occasions or special moments that require a postcard as a medium to convey the message.

This postcard has a standard size, which is about 4 x 6 inches and this size
makes the postcard a simple rectangle and we usually find many
postcards on the market that can be used as a means to deliver messages
or sayings.

In the United States, there is a rule that if someone sends a postcard of a
size that does not match the standard size, it is determined that the
sender will get a charge in the form of a special addition with a value
that has been adjusted to the size of the postcard sent, and this rule
is owned
by a post owned by the American government.

Most people send postcards whose size does not correspond to the standard postcard size set by the government postal company. However,
it is proof that most people prefer to send postcard size & Design
Templates that do not meet the standards, as well as many postcard
makers who make postcards of different sizes.

Making postcards that are not in accordance with the standard size is done for various reasons, one of which is the uniqueness of postcard design products and also the tastes of consumers who prefer postcards made by not following the standard postcard design photo size.

In addition, the reasons for exclusive products also become factors that
drive the making of postcards without following the standard size.

As one example of the size of a postcard made and different from the
standard size is a postcard with a size of 4.3 inches x 6 inches.

For Indonesian countries, postcards are usually made using images that smell Indonesian.

Ukuran Cetak Pas Foto (Pas Photo)

in the Adobe Photoshop application there is actually a default.

Similarly, in the world of printing, photo printing is known for various types and types of photo sizes (paper size) as well.

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However, in practice the standard photo size between one photo lab and another is different. They have their own standard photo sizes.

Try to prove this in your city …

The various sizes of photos in this article are the standard size of photos
that I usually wear everyday, which is a standard photo size in one of
the biggest photo laboratories in my city.

We can use this type of photo size guide to print / print your own photos at home.

How long is the size and width of the photo 2×3 in cm? 3×4, 4×6, 2r, 3r, 4r, 5r, 6r, 10r, 11r, 12r, 16r, 22w, 24r, 30r ,? biggest size? the smallest?

What size is the actual postcard?

What types of photo print sizes are there in this beloved country in Indonesia?

Here’s the answer: a complete list of various photo sizes …

Ukuran 2×3 Lab foto tertentu
2,2  x   3,0 cm 
Ukuran 2×3 Ukuran foto KTP 2   x   2,7 cm 
Ukuran 3×4 Ukuran foto Ijazah 2,8   x   3,8 cm
Ukuran 4×6 Ukuran foto SKCK 3,8    x    5,6 cm
Ukuran 2R 2     x   3,5  inci 5,6  x  8,9 cm
Ukuran 3R  3,5     x    5   inci 8,9  x  12,7 cm
Ukuran 4R 4      x    6   inci 10,2  x  15,2 cm
Ukuran 5R 5      x    7  inci 12,7   x   17,8 cm
Ukuran 6R  6      x     8  inci  15,2   x   20,3 cm
Ukuran 8R 8      x   10  inci 20,3   x   25,4 cm
Ukuran 8R Jbo 8     x    12  inci 20,3   x   30,5 cm
Ukuran 11R 11    x    14  inci 28     x   35 cm
Ukuran 12R  12    x    15 inci 30     x   40 cm
Ukuran 12R Jbo 12    x    18 inci 30     x   45 cm
Ukuran 16R 16    x     20 inci 40    x    50 cm
Ukuran 20R 20    x    24 inci 50    x    60 cm
Ukuran 22R 20    x    29,5 inci 50    x    75 cm
Ukuran 24R 24    x    31,5 inci 60    x    90 cm
Ukuran 30R 30    x     40  inci 75    x  100 cm
Ukuran A4 8,268    x    11,693  inci 21    x  29,7 cm
Ukuran A3 11,693    x    16,535  inci 29,7  x   42 cm
Ukuran B5 6.929   x   9.843 inci 17.6  x  25 cm
Ukuran B4 9.843   x   13.898 inci 25   x   35,3 cm
Ukuran B3 13.898  x   19.685 inci 35,3  x   50 cm
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  • Size 2R = Size 6×9
  • Size  3R = Size post card size
  • Size  8R = 10R
  • Wallet Size  = 7.5 x 5,6 cm

The numbers in cm are the conversion numbers of inches and are rounded numbers.

So what is more correct is the number that uses inches.

Please set the program that we use. I usually use Adobe Photoshop.

Who wants to correct or add please, please !!!

Others use versions or other variations. Whatever.

Actually, the size of the old school photo actually no longer exists in the current printing press. except in polaroid cameras themselves.

But this style trend is not too outdated. instead it becomes nice and unique.

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