Photograph Tips for Models to Look For

  1. Concept
    before starting photographing the model first determine the desired concept. So that the model is not confused when choosing a costume. With the concept, your model photos will have more stories than photographing models without concepts

  2. Property
    The use of property should not be underestimated in order to create an atmosphere. For that, try to use the property especially in accordance with the concept. But also don’t overuse the property. If you forget to prepare, take advantage of properties that already exist in the location.

  3. Costumes and Makeup
    In shooting models, makeup and costumes are the most important things. Look for the right costume with the specified model and concept. Likewise with make up, make makeup that fits your concept or desire. Costumes and makeup will greatly affect the success of our photos later.

  4. Time
    if we do outdoor shooting, the ideal time is 8-10 am and 3-5 / 6 pm. As in the previous article on landscape photography tips, at these times the sun is still soft. So that the shadow that appears at the bottom of the eyelids, nose and neck is not too hard.

  5. Location
    Find a location that roughly matches the concept of your model photo. Look for locations such as parks or others that have sufficient light conditions and are not crowded. Unless you already have adequate lighting equipment.

  6. Equipment
    In addition to the camera + memory prepare also basic equipment for photographing the model. Reflector, it is very necessary to take pictures of models that function as reflective media from sunlight or referred to as fill in light.

  7. Composition and Retrieval Angle
    The matter of composition is sometimes the choice of the photographer to want what the desired photo looks like. Rule of Third rules become the initial capital for photographing models in terms of composition. Likewise with the taking angle, for example, take a picture of our object parallel to the object.

  8. Digital Imaging
    At certain times, because of consumer needs or something else, we sometimes need to process a little or a lot of the results of our model photos. Important to note is the skin tone / costume, etc. Be careful when playing colors, as much as possible natural colors are a safe choice.
    Making a model photo can be called successful if the photographer succeeds in communicating the ideas in his mind to the photo viewers. If the photo viewer frowns a sign of being confused or squinting the eyes of a sign that is not comfortable looking, then you can say that shooting has not been fully successful.
    Another case if the photo viewers nodded in understanding or silent signs to reflect because they managed to absorb the meaning and taste of the photos he saw. Success becomes even more useful when new inspirations arise in the minds of photo viewers after seeing your works.


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