4 Mobile Based Photography Communities

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  1. Eyes Mobile
    Communities that have the slogan “Through the Eyes of Our Phones Talk” already have 7,000 followers on the @mataponsel Instagram account.
    This community is active for photo hunting in various regions.
    Mata Ponsel also develops mobile photography with various themes such as Landscape, Levijump, and BW.
    If you want to try learning mobile photography, just join the Mobile Phone via an Instagram account.

  2. Kofipon
    The Mobile Photography Community (KoFiPon) was established on March 17, 2009. Members of this community are spread throughout Indonesia but are based in Yogyakarta.
    Kofipon has the slogan “It’s not a camera problem, but who’s behind the camera is taking pictures!”.
    In this community anyone is free to share the results of their photos, on the Kofipon website there are a number of rules that you should know because this community focuses on learning the Photographic Technique itself.

  3. Kompe Mopahe
    This community starts with a blog that displays personal mobile photos. Then it developed into a group on Facebook because there were people who were interested in sharing their photos.
    This community has the slogan “Together with KompeMopahe There Is No Reason for Not Being Able to Take Photos”. This blog is a forum for these communities to be able to display their works and share stories through photos.

  4. coferONE
    coferONE was formed by Mark Nainggolan on November 6, 2011. It started with showing photos on the Kaskus social network which turned out to be favored by his followers. After that a group was created on Facebook’s social network.
    This community is not only focused on sharing photos. On the coferONE website we can also learn photography tips and tricks on mobile phones such as Mini Studio, Macro Lens and LED Lights.
    These various communities certainly help us to develop our ability in the field of photography, are increasingly interested in becoming mobile photographers?

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