Camera Understanding

Camera Understanding

Cameras from the Latin Camera Obscura famous for dark or dark,
Understanding the camera is a form of equipment that can be used to record something or the like, with conditions and facilities consisting of:
Shutter or Screen
Diaphragm / fstop
Camera Body
Movie / Media Storage
The concept of Digital photography began to develop since 1973, after creating a new technology called CCD
(Charge Couple Device).
CCD is a chip used to store digital images. In the mounted camera is only used for experimental purposes with a capacity of only 0.1 mega pixels, which eventually bring negative film.
Digital film substitute sensors other than CCDs also use CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) in outline this technology is used to convert light into electronic signals. The development of LCD monitors began to be known and appeared in 1995 and greatly.
There are 2 types of cameras commonly used are digital cameras (pocket) and DSLR cameras. On average a person more often use DSLR cameras because the results are better. For minimal funds digital cameras can be selected. Differences with digital cameras whose location findernya not parallel plus. In addition, the lens on the DSLR camera can replace the wear lens digital camera (pocket) can not be replaced. Before digital cameras appear, People are using analog cameras. Yes, the age is growing more modern and easier. Because the previous analog camera sangan difficult to use plus if we want a photo that must use the movie Roll. Stay away from current digital cameras that use memory cards for data storage


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