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Slander Case New Money in Medsos Already Found, Police Live Capture, but …

Police Criminal Investigation has been raising the status of cases of alleged defamation on the latest release of the money. Now, the status of the case, raised to the investigation.

“We’ve been investigating accounts FB (Facebook, ed),” said Director of Special Economic Crime Criminal Investigation Brigadier General Setya confirmed on Monday (2/1).

According to the Court, the Facebook account reported by Bank Indonesia and Money Printing Public Company of the Republic of Indonesia (Peruri) have been identified.

He explained that currently live actors arrested. “Let seized first, and only later exposed,” he explained.

Previously, Bank Indonesia (BI) and Corporate Commercial Printing Money Republic of Indonesia (Peruri) reported a Facebook account in cases of suspected acts of defamation and violation of the Law ITE.

Director of the Department of Communications BI, Arbonas Hutabarat said the account is slander. That states that the printing process the most money to the private sector and worked abroad.

“We reaffirm the central bank. Information circulating on social media, which said that the BI do printing in PT Pura is not true. Following the mandate of the Act we reiterate, conducted in the country and carried out by Peruri, “he explained at the Criminal Investigation Police, some time ago. (Sta / JPNN / pojoksatu)


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