The Steps Of Making Poetry For Beginners

The Steps Of Making Poetry For Beginners

Poetry is a work of literature that uses short words, and in each of these words has its own meaning.

Make a poem can be done by feeling the feeling you are feeling. Like being happy, sad, amazed and amazed at something. In making the poem you must first take the steps.


  1. Define theme

The theme is an idea you pour in a poetry form. Suppose a poem about the community environment, natural beauty, compassion and so forth.

     2. Poetry atmosphere
Poetry atmosphere means a picture of one’s feelings in making poetry. If you are happy the language used is romantic, gentle, and beautiful.
Vice versa if the atmosphere is felt sad, hesitant, the use of language in making poetry using cynical and hard language.

     3. Sign up for the appropriate words
In poetry must register or use words that are colored with meaningful expressions. For example Mother, the extent of the universe is not as wide as my race to you.

     4. Choosing diction
Dictionary is word selection. The words in each poem should be inclined to use words that give a certain taste value.

      5. Writing poetry
After the fourth step above has been done, then you can create a poem. That starts with the inspiration you’ve got.

      Reading poetry must also be full of inspiration, pronunciation must be true, intonation, sound, expression through body language or body movement should be used. In order that the message conveyed in every word can be conveyed ideally. The listener or the listener will enjoy the poem read.

Thus, poetry is an expression that is felt in the heart and poured in a writing. Poetry must use appropriate words.

If you are happy, use words and language that describes happiness. In writing the poem must use the steps listed above.

The reading must also use intonation, expression and pronunciation are good and correct. In order for listeners to enjoy and understand the purpose of the poem.


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